Here's how the competition looks so far...

exilerap = beats and remixes
matz = remixes
joker = beats
in-dent = beats
great d = remixes
thuglife = beats
djsoysauce = remixes
daze84 = remixes
dualnote = beats and remixes
jon1988 = remixes
exilerap = beats and remixes
epic = remixes and beats
killa t = beats
antix = remixing
b logik = beats and remixes
seven genes = remixes
jonathanp = beats and remixes
flipper = remixes
pandemic = remixes
evolutionbeats = beats and remixes
bigmic = beats
swatdynasty = beats
mr530 = beats
nicewitit = remixes
edot = beats and remixes
irfman = remixes
timtonic32 = remixes
biggrome = remixes
innaspace = beats
seraph = beats

Currently we have 21 contestants for the remix competition. To make it an even event we need 24.

Currently we have 17 contestants for the beats competition. To make it an even event we need 20.

To sum it up we need three contestants to enter each category. Either that or we need to break each down to 16.

Just looking for some opinions on how we should go about this. I'd like to have the contest lined up and started by June 1st, So we can get the ball rolling. Let me know what you guys think. :thumbup: