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Thread: Tha Mixtape Tracks Out (Copped 1 Copped em All)

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    Default Tha Mixtape Tracks Out (Copped 1 Copped em All)

    yoooooooo For all my mixtape and Street Music Needs i get at its one of tha few mixtape sites that actually have tha tape album art and tracklisting so you can download tha tracks off of whatever you use lol

    First for tha Bangas on my list in witch i flooded tha Singles section Lastnight there is madd shit that is mos def hot on all da tapes righ not i got like every song from da G-unit radio part 14

    but imma have to mos def im feelin this How to make Crack Jeaz Santana Jeezy and Wayne...I hate Wayne he sucks but his lines i gritty lmao Santana kilt that hook

    "Let me show you how to make dat crack/ how to spend dat money how to make dat back// Girl let me show you how to hit that strip how to get that dick dont give back lip AYE"

    My fave Line of his "I can show you how to mix that shit how to wip that shit how to twist that wrist AYE i can show you how to get back more and tha shit you get back is just as raw GIRL i can show you how to hit that ave wit that big fat ass and go get that cash but you know you have to give back half im somethin like a pimp so go get that cash" ***** is sick Jeezy part is hard you already know

    Tha beat is something like aint out right now Im in love with this one right now its so fire gotta get ya hustle on to this

    LLoyd Banks Without my Glock...Is it me or is ya boy starting to sound like 50? His voice his lines his cocky attitude he is starting to sound like 50 but i love this shit Im starting back to get back on my G-unit shit harder like before they spitten that shit again...That new Gunit Radio part 4 back in business is fucking retarted for no reason that shit is hot! This without my glock shit got a beat that reminds me of a thugged out Show you how to do this. With a sickning flow for his hook

    "Im suppose to be scared cause you got toast up in here/ Well ***** lets get this shit clear/I dont leave tha Block without my glock/ Is it cause im standin here wit ya bitch/I got all of these stones in my wrist//

    Ext Ext he goes into these deadly witty wordplay lines about money and his glock life must be nice if you eatin like the members of G-unit

    Even yea yo talkin Greesy on his new Freestyle Yay got that Fire over that Jeezy Soul Surviver beat tellin Jada take a look at him now "im number 1 in da hood number 2 in da contry" braggin of good numbers that Jadakiss hasn't yet to see and apartently CT slang made it to da Industry cause Everybody got that Piff we been had dat holla at us. That piff (purple haze now but it use to be da Pop back in da day) he brags about rapping great wit good numbers and still on da block wit his glock supplyin his shit hes basically rippin it shinin on his haters and i thought yea was boring

    "50 what up i got tha new CSL money green, im bout to get tha money green rimz I look like a flyin 100 flyin down south side" must be nice

    Banks also has dat new sick shit out Ground wit ya *****s shit is bannahs he rhymes on a reversed vocal sample that sounds like "in da ground wit ya *****s" with a crazy drum beat and background synth he brings back tha young banks before tha money it is more gangsta then Without my glock mos def

    Jay-Z Jeezy Bun B and Pimp C along with others team up for get thowed up shit is what it is it got too long without tha drag beat switching i honestly listen for hova jeezy and pimp C it was what it was da hook was nice da beat was good but not for a 5 minute song nice to hear hova sneakin back into rap

    thats all for now i'll hit yall up wit more later

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    Default Re: Tha Mixtape Tracks Out (Copped 1 Copped em All)

    banks has a new lp out in case u didnt know, g-unit radio 14 is wack, banks aint like fifty cuz he aint singin, young jeezy is terrible, and jada will always be above "yea yo"
    the only good tapes out are anything by pap, hes the best new mc since game, and he destroys all of gay-unit, even his older ones are amazing compared to all this crunk garbage
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    Default Re: Tha Mixtape Tracks Out (Copped 1 Copped em All)

    god damn double post!


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