Spice 1 "Life After Jive" contains 19 Classic Tracks from his last 9 Independent Releases. Thematically this collection is filled with the same gangsta-fueled angst and bounce infused aggression that made Spice 1 so popular. This album is for Spice 1ís truest fans, who have followed his life and career from its inception (Jive Records : 1992-1999) to the present (Life After Jive : 2000-2005). On this album you get a perspective, that spans more than just drama, from Spice 1ís reggae-inspired tracks, to his deep thinking tracks, Spice 1 evokes the youngest rappers to step their gangsta up to another level. The most respected and influential hip-hop publication of all times (The Source Magazine) hailed Spice 1 as one of the "Top 100 Rap Artists" of all time.

Tracklisting :
1 Spiceburg Slim
2 Murder Man Dance - (featuring UGK)
3 Ni**az Like Us - (featuring Bun-B/Celly Cel)
4 Touch Me / Feel Me / Smell Me
5 No One Else - (featuring MC Eiht)
6 Gangbang Music - (featuring Tha Eastsidaz)
7 G.A.M.E. - (featuring Bad Azz/Da Game Bangers)
8 You Got Me Fu**ed Up
9 Ride Or Die - (featuring C-Bo)
10 Playa Pieces
11 Thatís The Way Life Goes - (featuring MC Eiht)
12 My Life - (featuring Jayo Felony/Celly Cel)
13 Ride 4 Me - (featuring Tray Dee/Yukmouth/Jayo Felony)
14 They Just Donít Know - (featuring MC Eiht)
15 Canít Stop Us - (featuring MC Eiht)
16 Chocolate Philly - (featuring MJG)
17 Turn Da Heat Down - (featuring Outlawz)
18 I Ainít Scared - (featuring MC Eiht)
19 Thug World - (featuring Kurupt)