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Thread: Some help please

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    Default Some help please

    as a lot of you know i haven't really been that active on the site half the reason since my pc has been on da fritz i have been trying to do my music thing without it

    seeing as tho after a while i start getting sick i found a pc on da street a while ago so me being me i brung tha shit in da house wiped off tha hard drive and downloaded windows XP service pack 2 on it that my boy loaned me.. Tha shit actually got like 40 gigz and it is a hell of a lot faster and better then tha 4 gig peice of shit i was using a week ago i can actually download and upload more shit on tha site. But before i do that I need to find a pop up blocker and a viris protection program the thing is tha shit i try to download is either too old or tha file is fucked up so i need something real good to protect my pc from hard times like me and my pcs are so use to. So if anybody knows anything i can download and get tha full version of it or have any ideas themselves let me know

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    Default Re: Some help please

    nice find,

    i use Ad Aware for removing spyware,

    and i'll pm you a link to a virus guard
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    Default Re: Some help please

    i got norton antivirus with a crack so i can use it till 2041 instead of 2008 (u need 2 buy it again then.
    and i use google toolbar as a popup blocker , it doesnt block everything but the most.

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    Default Re: Some help please

    I use ad aware like CP along with Spybot search and destroy and spyware doctor, for virus protection i got Mcafee.
    Theres a TuneUp Utilities 2006 download in the "Other Downloads" section i would recomend, its helped me out ALOT, my shits way faster now, stay on top of the spyware with them programs and you should be good, i aint had a single pop up in more than a year using them 3 programs, oh yea, look for a good firewall if u aint got one so your shits secure.


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