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Thread: Should I Kill myself?

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    Default Should I Kill myself?

    Do you think I Should?


    "Problems are the price you pay for progress."

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    Man, I don't know if this is a joke or not but if it isn't you seriously need to chill the fuck out. I read your post you had up in the other section. All I can say is I have no idea the stress you're going through. That's some tough shit man and I wouldn't wish that upon anyone and I'm sorry you have to go through all that.

    But at the same time, LIFE GOES FUCKING ON SON!!!!! Regardless of how shitty it gets, no matter what kind Of fucking curve you get thrown...........guess what?...............YOU WAKE UP THE NEXT MORNING!!!!!! Life WILL continue. You know, sometimes you gotta hit rock bottom. Hell, we all hit rock bottom at some point or another. And I know you've probably heard this before, but once you hit the bottom, YOU AIN'T GOT NO DIRECTION TO GO BUT UP!

    I know I haven't been on this board for long. But seriously man, I got alot of love for all of yall even though I don't know half of you. Don't fuck up a beautiful thing man. You got too much shit going for you to throw it all away. What don't kill you makes you stronger man. When you finally get out of all this shit, YOU'LL BE A DAMN BETTER PERSON! Trust me on that.
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    Default Re: Should I Kill myself?

    thanks for the advice man really... reading that actually made me feel better... i appreciate it


    "Problems are the price you pay for progress."


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