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Thread: real talk...warning: serious preaching in here

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    Default Re: real talk...warning: serious preaching in here

    i feel u smokey, i know what ur sayin

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    Default Re: real talk...warning: serious preaching in here

    yo thanks homey

    Kinda like when he said lifes hell
    if you ignore everything bad that happens and think of what you want and how to get it
    youll have it

    This is heaven
    Simply cause i love to smoke a blunt every night before i go to bed
    This is heaven
    Cause i love fuckin a diffrent bitch every week
    this is heaven cause i aint fuckin locked up in a cell
    Its Heaven just cause my friends thats been there since day 1 are all busy
    But where still friends

    This is hell
    I Smoked a blunt and couldnt get a hold of my friends when i needed them
    I Dont have any mail, All I want is a girl to stay with me

    I Coulda gone farther but im just tryin ta show ya how you can turn heaven into hell

    Instead of expecting shit to happen, go with what happens
    Thats really what it is

    yo avhiltz you know what im talkin bout


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