*Parnell Marcano, Los Angeles, CA:

"Regarding the protest of LA DJ Big Boy's billboard (04-03-06 EUR), please tell me this is a joke. There isn't really a protest over a tongue-in-cheek billboard is there? Seriously?

Let's see where that ranks in the important issues of today. Currently we have ...

An administration rife with scandal and charges of corruption. (Why does Karl Rove still have a job?) A President who has led us into a record deficit in record time. The continuous assault on our civil liberties - all in the name of national security, of course.

It's an election year with several controversial issues to vote on. Our children's education is still being underfunded, while their classrooms are still overcrowded.

The fight over immigration reform. The continuing rip-off by the oil and pharmaceutical companies; Prison overcrowding; the continued climb in new HIV/AIDS diagnoses; environmental issues; health care reform. These all pale in comparison to a billboard of a local DJ, who may or may not be insinuating he has a big penis. God help the Enzyte people if this keeps up!

If someone can credibly tell me how this threatens the moral fiber of the community, national security, or contributes to global warming; I'll be the first one there. As it is, I think we can endure the embarrassed giggles of children (if they even get the joke) and put our energies into fighting real offenses ... like another season of "The Simple Life." lol