Price paid
$315.00 CAD

Bought From
Cosmo Music -

Setup Time
Approx. 20 min to install, 35 min to setup settings

Features (9.5/10)
Pro Tools M-Powered boasts many new features. I especially liked the new Instrument Tracks they have introuduced. Basically it's like an audio or MIDI track but for my software instruments (Such as NI Kontackt). It saves me quite a bit of RAM usage. Also I feel that the RTAS plug-in format is faster and uses less CPU than the other types of plug-ins (VST, DXi). Also the studio compatitblity is amazing. I just take a file to the studio, and I can use it right there. I love the way it saves my project files (It makes copys of the audio imports, so if I ever deleted it it's always there). The project files do get rather large, but it keeps you on the safe side. The 30 free plug-ins are really nice. They vary from eq to pitch shifting but are all in all very professional sounding, and looking. The Beat Detective is also a great help when mixing vocals with instrumentals. What would help is a better user interface. The interface is professional but a little boring after you spend those long hours making music.

Sound Quality (10/10)
So far I have felt that the quality is much better than Sonar, Cubase, or Cool Edit (Adobe Sudition) which are all sequencers I have used in the past. I think it gives my music a warmer feel. Especially on the vocals I have used it for so far. The 30 free plug-ins are very professional sounding. This is by far the best sounding stuff I have used.

Usability (8/10)
The useablility is very good. Everything is neatly and simply layed out, and the workflow is very smooth once you get a hang of the software and get over the inital learning curve. The learning curve is a little steeper than regular programs.

Quality / Durability(10/10 for the USB)
Not applicable to this product (It's software). Though the USB key which is needed for operation seems well built. It's not flimsy or anything.

Love Factor (10/10)
I love this program and would reccommend it to anybody who owns one of the compatitble M-Audio peripherals.