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Thread: Ok CP I'm asking for some HELP!!! PLEASE!

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    Default Ok CP I'm asking for some HELP!!! PLEASE!

    Ok this morning I woke up PISSED OFF! i mean SERIOUSLY! I woke up and noticed a bar on my desktop, i went to remove it and a damn virus popped up on the screen... My protection center quarantined it and asked for me to restart... when I did, the computer came back on and was restored to the first day I got the computer, now I lost EVERYTHING! All my programs, all my beats, all my graphics... EVERYTHING! If you guys see a virus called ikywye.exe pop up on your screen... leave it alone and find an extremely good virus remover FAST!! whoever started this virus knew exactly what they were doing...

    What I need help with is the following.. I think most of my creations I have backed up on discs, but my software needs to be redownloaded... Heres the list...

    Tune Up Utilities 2006
    Fruity Loops 5
    Registry Mechanic
    WinRAR (The latest version)
    Reason 3.0
    MemMonster 4

    Man I Would REALLY appreciate any help I can get from you guys! Again, leave this virus alone and find a professional , or a really really good virus remover... just some advice from me to you... once again thanks in advance to all of you


    "Problems are the price you pay for progress."

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    Default Re: Ok CP I'm asking for some HELP!!! PLEASE!


    have u tried a system restore? and restore it to the day before you had the virus,

    failing that, i'll sure you can get the latest winrar from their website

    i'll pm u links to the other software
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    Default Re: Ok CP I'm asking for some HELP!!! PLEASE!

    thanks guys, i REALLY appreciate it alot!


    "Problems are the price you pay for progress."

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    Default Re: Ok CP I'm asking for some HELP!!! PLEASE!

    damn man dont i no bout that


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