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Thread: NYC... DJ Spinbad vs Funk Master Flex....

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    Default NYC... DJ Spinbad vs Funk Master Flex....'s what happened... for all you out-of-towners.... There are 2 big hip hop stations out here in NYC Hot 97 & Power 105.1.....On Tuesday nights Funk Master Flex show on Hot 97, he was calling out all these radio DJ personalities on air out their government names where they live and what not....basically he said that they are all wack DJ's..on air.....

    so...of course DJ Spinbad responds with his own diss the next day on Power 105.1fm on his show....just let me tell you...his diss mix is craaaazyy...I'm sure some of you won't appreciate this post since some of you are not from NYC or don't listen to either stations....but I thought I'd share the mix with ya...

    Honestly....Funk Master Flex was good back in the early-mid 90's...he's gotten too Hollywood and he hardly quote on quote DJ's...I hope this is not the trend that DJ's will go thru once they become famous.....Sorry Flex...Spinbad got your ass on this one....LOL...

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    Default Re: NYC... DJ Spinbad vs Funk Master Flex....

    nice post
    im not from ny but i do hear Hot 97 & Power 105.1 sometimes


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