Well, I have been sick laying in the bed not feeling well but before i got sick I bought NBA 2k6. And yo before I copped it I played Nba Live 2006 in tha video game store its just like 05 it didnt look any different really sept the players in the game looked a little bit more real then in 05 but everything els looked pretty much tha same

I haven't played a 2k nba game since 2k2 on Dreamcast and I copped it for PS2 on Nba you got total control you can use box or tha right analog stick to shoot and dunk with you have to use r1 and left analog stick to do your cross overs.

Tha dunks and all that shit are fucking sick tha rim rocks like fuck...and if you have ever played b ball games you no sometimes you can pass tha ball right through people not on this one

i have bounced tha ball off of people's heads backs tha ball has hit they leg and rolled so basically your player has to actually be opened before you pass them tha ball.

If you have ever played ESPN basketball they have a build your own player shit simular to that sept its not gay like u have to play games by appointment.

you can win shit and get phone numbers of who you beat but as far as that im stuck cause they have one game where they reverse the controls and what you would push to run backward u have to push to run foward and so on and so on and it kinda makes things complicated when you have been playing one way...and you can't use the power pad

tha instant replys are sick...you can unlock games in tha lounge like dartz and air hockey...they have much better music then live too...

this is jus a hot game i think i would have been pist if i got live 06 since its jus like 05 tha one i already have

cop this game!