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Thread: NBA 2k6 Pictures and Codes

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    Default NBA 2k6 Pictures and Codes

    These pics are from da Xbox one but they pretty much tha same lol

    2ksports ... Unlocks the 2K Games publishing team.
    nba2k6 ... Unlocks the 2K Games development team.
    ballers ... Unlocks all celebrities in 24/7 mode.
    31andonly ... Unlocks the Indiana Paces jerseys from the 05/06 season.
    kobe ... Unlock Nike Air Zoom Kobe 1 shoes

    when i get more i will post em up

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    Default Re: NBA 2k6 Pictures and Codes

    i used to have a clear michael jordan ball with the same pose as on the lebron pic. it was like $50. my dog ate it and i never seen it for sale again.

    are those pics in from gameplay, like from a replay or something, cause they look pretty detailed


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