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Thread: my shits climbin

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    Default my shits climbin

    Okay only one of my songs (which i believe is my best so far), is slowly climbin those charts.

    Blow The Whistle (Hyphy Remix)
    HipHop Charts - went from 4160 to 2382
    Hardcore Rap Charts - went from 742 to 422

    I never thought this shit would buzz. A lot of my boys are sending this shit around the web to get it noticed.

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    congratulations man :thumbup:


    "Problems are the price you pay for progress."

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    Default Re: my shits climbin

    Charts: Only your strongest songs appear in the charts.

    Currently in the daily charts:

    main genres:
    Pussy Got You Hooked Remix Ft Remy And 3 6 Mafia:
    · #129 in the HipHop charts
    · #66 in the Hip Hop General sub charts

    One Night Stand (Beat):
    · #4408 in the Instrumentals charts
    · #1029 in the Beats General sub charts

    and you gotta give yourself a little bit more credit because people upload a lot of Industry music such as Jay-Z And T I and for a REAL underground Emcee to climb that high too me is amazing..the highest I have been was like 10 and i was very greatful and Im hoping I can Push that Pussy Got you hooked up there higher it will get me a lot of sales for this mixtape coming out

    How are your daily statz looking?? If you do just a little bit more promotion not even a lot just a little bit and generate a few more hits people that will vote on your shit..your songs will continue to climb

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    gd luck with that, is the track uppd on the site somewhere?

    all my tracks bar 1 on my soundclick are remixes, my highest was #1 in teh drum n bass charts with a remix of mario winans- i dont wanna kno, a couple of weeks pre release (so prob just cuz of the popularity of the actual song not my track) and my best one i think was #2 or #3 (cnt remember) in the old school charts with a remix of biggie - juicy ft nas

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    Shit's like a bullet... it's at 315 now for Hardcore Rap and 1787 on HipHop... **EDIT and I got more news...

    I had to make a clean verion cuz they're playin this on a local radio station.. probably only have one spin haha at least its a way of promotion.

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    its funny cuz it doesnt sound like shit you'd hear on the radio... not even radio quality.

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    wow thts good... didnt expect it when u soundclick linked me

    ur white?

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    Default Re: my shits climbin

    i liked it. shits dope so it'll get more than one spin on radio

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJDC
    wow thts good... didnt expect it when u soundclick linked me

    ur white?
    haha yea

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    hahaha this was the premiere on one local radio station like and hour after i came home.. as u can see as soon as i heard my shit on the radio i whipped up a shitty poster for the haters.

    yes i showed my boy (no homo) and he said it sounds like there's a tape cassette poppin at the end... let me assure you that there is no tape if you think this is bullshit. i dont even touch the eject button or nothin. just so you know.
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    props 4 the exposure

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    Too Short - Blow The Whistle (Hyphy Remix):
    · #210 in the HipHop charts
    · #37 in the Hardcore Rap sub charts

    continue helpin my shit be a hit cuz its just climbin rapidly and im gettin mad love.


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