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Thread: Murder in Fayette, Maine

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    Default Murder in Fayette, Maine

    A teenager will be arraigned today on charges that he murdered a 14-year-old Maine girl who lived around the corner from him.
    The bloodied body of the girl, Marlee Johnston, was found Saturday at the edge of a pond in Fayette, a bucolic town 60 miles north of Portland that had not reported a murder in 22 years.

    After days fearing that a killer was loose in their midst, Fayette residents found out yesterday that the suspect in Johnston's murder was one of their own: Patrick Armstrong, 14, the Maine attorney general's office said.

    ''It has provided relief to many that we now know who did this," said the Fayette town manager, Mark Robinson.

    ''But," he added, ''you have the added anxiety surrounding that fact that it's somebody who lives here. Even worse, it's a juvenile."

    Authorities refused yesterday to discuss the motive for the slaying, or any other details of the case, including the cause of death.

    Armstrong will be arraigned in Maine District Court in Augusta. He was held yesterday at a juvenile center, although prosecutors had not yet decided whether to try him as an adult or a juvenile.

    ''We don't expect any more arrests in connection with Johnston's death," said a Maine State Police spokesman, Lieutenant Gary Wright.

    Armstrong's lawyer, Walter McKee, said his client should not be tried as an adult because he is so young.

    With the announcement yesterday, emotions in Fayette veered from fear and sadness at the killing to anger and surprise that a local teen might have ended the life of a girl known for an outgoing spirit and a sharp intellect.

    ''It's extremely shocking," said Karen Criss, principal of Winthrop Middle School, which Johnston attended. ''The kids have replaced their fear with anger. I mean, how could somebody do this?"

    Armstrong did not attend the middle school, officials said. Armstrong's family lives a street over from the Johnston family.

    Johnston's body was discovered Saturday by her 17-year-old brother Alec after one of the dogs she had taken out for a walk showed up at a neighbor's home dragging its leash and barking.

    Her body was found by the shore of scenic Lovejoy Pond, not far from her home. Neighbors said there were signs of a struggle in snow nearby and a bloody trail indicating the girl had been dragged several-dozen yards.

    The death stunned the town of 1,000 residents. Some feared walking around their picturesque community.

    Schools cautioned parents to keep an eye on children. Robinson ran into Armstrong and his father at the Fayette Country Store, on Monday.

    ''That's how small a town this is," he said. He said he did not notice anything unusual about the teen.

    As prosecutors pursued their case against the teen, Robinson urged compassion for his family.

    ''There are two tragedies here," he said. ''You have two families who, for all points and purposes, lost children."

    Johnston's parents, through a relative, refused to comment. In a written statement released earlier this week, they described their daughter as ''mature beyond her years" and ''very independent."

    Criss said Johnston, whom she knew for three years, was ''outgoing, an avid reader, a talented musician. Unique."

    The Johnston family plans to hold a public memorial service today at Kents Hill, a local boarding school.

    ~this is ryte down the raod from were i live like literally not even 10 miles. i actually met the kid who killed the girl a while back wen i was younger. i nvr met the girl but still this was jus to close to home. he is the youngest in the state to commit murder. he actually had a myspace. i nvr saw it but the newspaper said it was full of suicidal things and he blogged that something was going to happen the day he killed the girl. theres alot more stories floating around town.

    Marlee Johnston
    a life taken to soon

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    Default Re: Murder in Fayette, Maine

    shit is fucked up these days

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    Default Re: Murder in Fayette, Maine

    hey i live in winthrop just a town over from fayette and this murder has really affected this area.

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    Default Re: Murder in Fayette, Maine

    damn is serious these days


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