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Fear of Michael drove Jermaine to nix book


LOS ANGELES - Michael Jackson threw a raging fit and made drastic threats when he found out his brother Jermaine was drafting a tell-all book, so his shaken older sibling pulled the plug on the project, the Daily News has learned.

Michael vowed to toss Jermaine out of the Jackson family home and sue him and anyone else who had a hand in writing or publishing the proposed tome, "Legacy: Surviving the Best and the Worst," said author Stacy Brown, who had been slated to ghostwrite the project.

In a shocking tome-teaser detailed in Sunday's Daily News, Jermaine, 51, said Michael, 47, has "a thing for young children" and that he feared his kid brother might be guilty of the child molestation charges he faced in late 2003.

A jury found the oddball entertainer not guilty of the charges last June.

Jermaine also dished about Michael's alleged drug and alcohol abuse, claimed that Michael's two older kids were fathered by a sperm donor and suggested that their father, Joe, molested their sisters Rebbie and La Toya when they were kids.

In an exclusive interview yesterday, Brown said he was "surprised and caught off guard" when the Daily News obtained the book outline more than two years after it was shopped to publishers as Michael faced child molestation charges. "The experience of writing the proposal ... and then having Michael go nuts, Jermaine crying, and the family going into chaos mode was draining and weird, and one that I wouldn't want to deal with again," said Brown, who co-wrote "Michael Jackson: The Man Behind the Mask" with the pop star's longtime front man Bob Jones.

Brown said that within weeks of the proposal going out, Michael Jackson somehow got his hands on a copy and "went ballistic."

"He threatened to throw Jermaine out of Hayvenhurst," said Brown, referring to the Jackson family's longtime home in Encino, Calif. "He called Jermaine a backstabber."

Michael Jackson owns the mansion, but Jermaine lives there, along with their mother Katherine, their brother Randy, and Jermaine's ex-wife, Alejandra, who has children by both Randy and Jermaine.

Jackson's siblings had frantic "family meetings" to discuss Jermaine's revelations, and under the intense pressure, "Jermaine decided not to go forward with the book," said Brown, who had been an old-time friend of the Jackson family.

Brown said he stopped considering Jermaine and the other Jacksons friends after the experience made him realize "how out of touch, unreal, unrealistic and dysfunctional" the family is.

"In a way I'm glad none of this happened. I don't want to be affiliated with them anymore," said Brown.

Originally published on March 6, 2006

oooooh, that's what u call family...damn!