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Thread: Many survive Nigeria plane crash

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    Default Many survive Nigeria plane crash

    About 50 people have survived a plane crash on a flight from Lagos to the Nigerian capital Abuja, officials say.

    "God has been gracious," presidential spokeswoman Remi Oyo said after a helicopter located the crash site.

    The plane went down in Oyo state north of Lagos with at least 114 people on board. The reason is not yet known.

    The pilot of Bellview Airlines flight 210 sent a distress signal just after taking off from Lagos in stormy weather at 2045 (1945 GMT) on Saturday.

    Several senior officials, including a member of parliament and a general, are said to have been on the flight.

    An emergency call has gone out for any medical personnel in the region to go to the crash site.

    Fearful relatives

    The plane was found on Sunday morning by a police search and rescue team using a helicopter near the rural town of Kishi, Oyo state, more than 500km (320 miles) from Lagos.

    Sources told the BBC's Sola Odunfa in Lagos that the plane was not badly damaged and that a rescue operation was now being carried out.

    Hundreds of anxious relatives and friends of the passengers and crew members have besieged the domestic terminal of Lagos airport to seek information.

    In the meantime, Bellview Airlines has suspended all its flights from Lagos.

    May 2002: Plane operated by EAS Airlines crashes in Kano, killing 148 people - half of them on the ground
    November 1996: 142 people die when Boeing 727 owned by Nigeria's ADC airline plunges into lagoon 85 km (55 miles) from Lagos
    September 1992: 158 people are killed when military transport plane goes down near Lagos

    Air disasters timeline

    It is a private Nigerian company which flies routes throughout west Africa, mainly using Boeing 737s.

    The airline is popular with foreigners and wealthy Nigerians.

    Nigeria has one of the world's worst air safety records, having been the scene of several crashes and near-misses.

    An Air France plane was badly damaged after striking a herd of cows while trying to land in the oil city of Port Harcourt last month. No passengers were hurt.

    In May 2002, a plane crashed near the city of Kano, killing nearly 150 people.

    source: BBC
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    Default Re: Many survive Nigeria plane crash

    I know i wouldent want to catch a Nigerian flight

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    Default Re: Many survive Nigeria plane crash

    They were lucky they survived, because a 600 km/h impact with the ground isn't a pretty thing.


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