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Thread: Man blames crash on pretty woman

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    Default Man blames crash on pretty woman

    A German taking a Ferrari for a test drive wrapped it round a lamppost when he tried to impress a pretty woman.

    Alphons Edberg, 33, from Hamburg, was driving a borrowed Ferrari 360 Modena which he was considering buying.

    But, according to police, the inexperienced driver lost control after putting his foot down to impress a pretty woman he had spotted.

    He crashed the powerful car into a tree, a road sign and a fence before finally wrapping it around a lamppost.

    The car was a write off and Edberg is in hospital being treated for head injuries.

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    Default Re: Man blames crash on pretty woman

    lmao dude is whac... maybe dmv would be a good step for him... women, powerful eh?


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    Default Re: Man blames crash on pretty woman

    haha idiot

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    thats embarrasing...& its not like its a hoopty ha ha


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