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Thread: M-Audio Trigger Finger Review By C Royal of

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    Default M-Audio Trigger Finger Review By C Royal of

    Price paid:$200

    Bought From:Guitar Center

    Setup Time:Plug and Play, but setting up the pads was a little confusing at first, but once you figure out everything setup is easy. I recommend manually setting it up, as opposed to using the Enigma software.

    Features (10/10):Has 16 pressure, velocity sensistive pads that work out very nice. Velocity can be locked on to a certain setting from 1-127. There are 4 sliders that control: transpose, channel, vel curve and the pressure sensistivity

    Sound Quality (10/10):Nice 8-)

    Usability (9/10):Use it in FL, Reason, anything you want, just make sure to program the pads right.

    Quality / Durability(9/10):At first pads may seem a little stiff, but you get used to them, I like them. I punch the Sh*t out of them and they work fine still. Also I've banged the side of my trigger finger on my desk a couple of times and its still working fine.

    Love Factor (10/10): this is nice as hell for $200, who needs an mpc, software is the future my friends.


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    Default Re: M-Audio Trigger Finger Review By C Royal of

    it's a good piece of equipment, I wouldn't trade/sell mine.

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    Default Re: M-Audio Trigger Finger Review By C Royal of

    agreed, m-audio has some nice shit... im thinkin about buying one to save the money but i used my bois mpc 2500 and that shit is crazy fun... i dunno still havent made up my mind but the trigger finger is nice and easy to use :thumbup:


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    Default Re: M-Audio Trigger Finger Review By C Royal of

    nice review. ive been looking into this since i prefer hardware feel rather then drawing in a computer. but i already know the software so i dont want to have to take the time to learn an mpc


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