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Thread: Kanye West Late Registration

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    Default Kanye West Late Registration

    ummmm i think kanye ran outta beats or somethin...i herd him say he was workin wit da dude that works with fionna apple and shit but i think tha beats aint hot when it comes to da drumz....da melodies and strings are fucking crazy but tha drumz are wackkkkkkk!! that gold digger is da shit tho but i dont no how to feel about tha production im half and half...

    lyrically tha album is actually weaker then kanyes potential...roses was more like kanye but a lot of this sounds like what a kanye tv media album would sound like...i hope we dont get any more late registrations...this album is lacking that kanye tha sound we fell in love with on tha sounds like he is getting tired of tha samples but hes trying to throw em in there..

    lyrically he raised a lot of issues also..that crack music was a good concept but if i were him i would have jus scrapt game whole shit lol he sounds wack on tha hook with no sounds jus copy and pasted and all pro least he gets a few cent off of it but it could have went without him

    its a decent album i mean its better then anything so far that has come out this year but i was exspecting a lot more from the production of this album by tha way people were runnin they jibs and that diamonds is nutz and so is gold digga but some of these beats sound like anyone can make em...

    that shit wit nas is aii....i like dat shit we major is decent its a good album

    i give it a 7

    0 for meeting all of tha hype
    all of this hype its not even how hot i thought it would be i thought tha beats was gonna jus be crazy!

    4 for lyrics
    his lyrics are hot "you got a new bitch now you jenifer aniston" that is hot!! his lyrics game has stepped up while his production has suffered his lyrical game is a lot stronger and a lot on point he is hot..

    3 for production

    ehh he should have produced it and if he wanted new sound he should have hollered at rick ruben or even alicia keys im not diggin tha drum patterens on tha album but tha melodies and shit are hot

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    hmmm i thought that it was good beats, just not nesecarily club bangers.

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    i agree with mr530, i'm a big kanye fan, i wouldn't say it's as great as college dropout, but i think it's a fair album

    i'd give it a B+

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    only just bought it today

    its grown on me, i didnt like the songs at first

    that touch the sky sample is crazy, but the rest arent up to scratch

    it def aint college dropout, but its def shit to on the ipod


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    what i said earlier don't mean that they bad songs, but a lot of them are more personal... Hey Mama is a good song but it would be messed up to here that in a club.


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