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Thread: Jamie Foxx - Unpredictable

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    Default Jamie Foxx - Unpredictable

    I just put this shit on my ipod thinkin what the hell i'll give it a listen. I always thought jamie foxx was a fake singer, cuz u know hes an actor first. But i was wrong this CD is really good. i still have only listened to 2/3 so far but my favorite tracks are:

    Unpredictable feat. Ludacris
    Warm Bed
    Love Song feat. Twista
    The song with Snoop Dogg and The Game
    (Extravaganza?) The Song with Kanye West. lol sorry i don't have the track listing right now.

    there are some more too.

    From what I have heard:


    Definitly worht checking out. but its more soul and sex rather than "gangsta" or "how i came up"

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    Default Re: Jamie Foxx - Unpredictable

    I'm probably going to buy this some giftcards that need to be put to good use...

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    Default Re: Jamie Foxx - Unpredictable

    i'll be lookin out for this one, and i'd expect it to be soul and sex and not gangsta

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    Default Re: Jamie Foxx - Unpredictable

    well i got it for my girlfriend for chrismas and she can't get enough of it. I actually gave it a listen i really have no other choice lol

    his album is like a erotica book on a cd i love it it is a very sexual album and if ur a woman that likes a real man then u will love this cd

    he got crazy hooks and my fave joint is rise up

    what u wanna do wanna get high wanna get fired up
    what u wanna do wanna get sexed wanna get tied up
    get ya rodeo ride up
    girl im bout to climb up i think u betta rise up shit is hot how he laid it

    he also produced too tracks one this one and tha one wit tha game i belive

    that beat is nice he has a few ballads i love it its da best r&b album this year next to lyfe's joint no dought


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