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Thread: G-Unit 300 Shots!!!!!

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    everyone in my school cept for me and a couple of my friends no nothing about rap at all. they think a mixtape is a mix of songs u burn on a cd. they have no idea about 300 bars or anything about youknowwhatitis or ghost unit. if its not on mtv they dont kno about it. i jus wanna fuckin smack some of the kids in my class who think they kno what there talkin about when they have no clue and dont worry i tell them what really goes on and fuckin embarass em in front of everyone its pretty damn funny. but i mean it depends on were u live and the ppl ur surronded by. im surronded by mtv wannabes and preps(but some pretty damn hot ones at that) who have no idea of whats goin on outside of mtv or bet and it gets real annoyin.
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    ^^I know what u mean, fuckin wannabe loser kids, they cant think for themselves

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    my school isn't fucked up its just the truth. cmello said it... it's comercial shit that sells... very rarely does "true hiphop" sell anymore because there really isn't that much of it anymore. candy shop sells so much better than somethin like 300 bars & runnin. people want music that has a tune to it... and also it gets stuck in their head easier and sells better. its just a fact. there's a difference between what sells better and what is better.

    and what im sayin is that people who don't even listen to rap no about hate it or love it.


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