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Thread: Favorate Beatz?

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    Default Favorate Beatz?

    What's your top 5 favorate beats and why?

    For me id have to say
    1. HellRazor - 2pac - Gotta love that paraniod urgent sound
    2. Suicide Letters - Tech N9ne - Its put together nice and its got good energy
    3. Holla at me - 2pac - Perfection, the beat reflects his mindstate when he wrote the lyrics
    4. Whats Beef - B.I.G. - The strings are hella tight
    5. Look me in my eyes -ScarFace- Thats 1 crazy fucking beat, u gotta love it

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    Default Re: Favorate Beatz?

    ^^ nice list

    1. Snoop Dogg - Street Life OG (Best vibe ever, I'm remaking this one for a mix.)
    2. 2pac - U Can Be Touched OG (dopeness x10,000)
    3. Bone Thugs - Music Makes Me High (uses same sample as #2, dopeness x9,999)
    4. Krayzie Bone - Thug Mentality (the beat is straight fire.)
    5. Napoleon - Thin Line (remaking this beat as well)

    honorable mentions:
    Canibus - Poet Laureate II
    Kanye West - Diamonds From Sierra Leone
    Everlast - Shook Ones II
    2pac - Soon as I Get Home

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    Default Re: Favorate Beatz?

    The firm phone taped produced by Dre. Not only do i like tha beat i like tha way he actually produced tha track gave it that grimey sound like they were actually on cell phones and when they rapped about tha phones breakin up he made it sound like static he banged on dat shit

    I like tha nature five minutes to flush beat. I believe dre and mel-man did dat one also on tha firm album that shit has a old school funk shit to it but tha ill bass line i can't even exsplain it plus nature is so raw on da mic thats just a ill track...ill ass album that never got its respect

    umm Bia Bia produced by lil jon i dont care how old it gets i still love this shit i be knockin to it its jus sick tha beat tha bass da drumz how it dropped its jus bannahs

    umm that mike jones got it screwed up remix beat is fucking amazin i dont no who produced it but that nightmare before chrismas sample is sick and tha way they choppin it its fucking bannahs tha hottest chrismas beat before that was that nas shoot em up shit

    numba four imma have to give it to who ever produced that styles p shit on tha first lox album whose not to be fucked wit...that song itself is just amazin

    final im really in luv wit tha tierra marie make her feel...tha drumz knock hard no matter if its a pc jeep or honda that beat is hot as fuck they kilt tha rakim sample

    i got many more this should be ur top 20 lol

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    Default Re: Favorate Beatz?

    1. Victory - i dont need to explain this the beat is simply ill

    2. Juicy - this beat man its like the perfect beat in my opinion i dunno whatelse to say about it

    3. Can I Live - man man man it's too classy jay rocked it perfect too

    4. Dipset Anthem - the heatmakerz brought a energy to this beat that is unexplainable i wild out whenever i hear it

    5. shook ones - i dunno this beat is just soo raw havoc killed it
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    Default Re: Favorate Beatz?

    alright, lets see...

    krs-one - a friend ... i don't know why, give it a listen, maybe you could tell me

    raekwon - wu-gambinos cause the piano part is dirty

    sadat x - the interview cause i find it soothing [i need the mellow shit to keep me out of trouble]

    the get mad now riddim cause this shit it'll get me in trouble if you got this hook me up, mine is short

    common - they say cause it's new and it reminds me of a ballad for joe louis

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    Default Re: Favorate Beatz?

    1: Still D.R.E
    2: How Come
    3: Forgot About Dre
    4: How We Do
    5: Higher

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