to be published ONLY on; written by Herman Spillfirst

Vincent Lane, of Real Life Muzik, and Cory Lyons have just finished their callaboration, on a track meant to be for Vincent Lane's first independant LP in ages. The song "Right Now (The Hop)" has Vinny wildin' out on a crazy beat, produced by I.N.F.O of Blown Up Records. As the newest track for the idENTITY, the track will be leaking soon on the net, most likely being leaked first on CrazyPellas.Net, and eventually "it will spread across the net like aids", according to the one and only Vinny Lane. Cory Lyons, who is featured on the hook, has not yet made any comments on the track, yet Vincent has been running around the net promoting his new track.
Though Vinny has made comments on the track, most of them are either too long or too explicit to publish, therefore forcing us at Urban-Voice to keep any comments from him un-published, and just eventually let the audio on the net.
This track has stirred up a lot of commotion, from what we have heard, and Vincent Lane is just waiting for the haters to start pouring in. He did state that he would love for the haters to email and/or instant message him, though we are not authorized to include his contact information here.
Vincent Lane is now waiting for the perfect time to begin this leakage, but when he does, there is no doubt in our minds that, just like Paul Wall, he will have the internet goin' nuts!

CHEA MUFUCKAS, i aint tryna spam or nothing, but hey, this is real, a new vinny lane exclusive, comin soon to an audio forum near u, be on the look out

(and i'd appreciate it if u wouldnt delete/close this, im just tryna have some fun on the forum......cheaaaaaaaaaaaaa)

ps........i know, that 'article' is bull, but hey, i was bored, thought i'd see if im rusty wit my comedy or not, haha

also, just so yall aint confused

real life muzik = the label im with, my boy shows label
urban voice = again, my label
the idENTITY = my album
herman spillfirst = my old school rap name