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Thread: Escapee a terror chief

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    A TOP-RANKING al-Qaida leader linked to the 2002 Bali bombings has escaped from a US military prison, it was revealed yesterday.

    Omar al-Faruq and three other captives picked locks, cut through barbed wire and negotiated a minefield to break out of the high-security Bagram Air Base prison, 50km north of Kabul in Afghanistan, in July.
    US authorities at the time acknowledged the escape but failed to name al-Faruq, identifying him by an alias he had previously used.

    The Kuwaiti, once al-Qaida's most senior operative in South-East Asia, was captured by Indonesian authorities in June 2002 and turned over to the US for interrogation.

    Al-Faruq, 34, told the CIA of planned attacks against Westerners in Indonesia.

    His information allegedly led the CIA to warn its agents of potential bombings, including in Bali, weeks before the 2002 blasts.

    The US refused to makeal-Faruq or fellow terrorist Hambali available to Indonesian authorities as a witness in the trial of alleged Jemaah Islamiah leader Abu Bakar Bashir, despite information given by them leading to Bashir's arrest.

    Al-Faruq also told authorities he helped al-Qaida transfer $140,000 to JI for future attacks.

    Indonesian officials were yesterday furious the US failed to tell them of al-Faruq's disappearance.

    "We know nothing about the escape of Omar al-Faruq," the Indonesian Security Ministry's Maj-Gen Ansyaad Mbai said.

    "He is a dangerous terrorist for us, his escape will increase the threat of terrorism in Indonesia."

    Attorney-General Philip Ruddock's office would not say whether Australia had been previously told of al-Faruq's escape.

    "We don't discuss information exchanges between our liaison partners," Mr Ruddock's spokeswoman said.

    US Attorney-General Alberto Gonzales said if foreign partners had not been told, it showed there was a serious communication problem and would be investigated.

    Al-Faruq's escape was revealed under questioning by lawyers seeking access to him as part of a defence case in a Texas military trial of a US soldier charged with abusing prisoners at Bagram.

    Days after their escape, the Taliban claimed the four men had made it to a guerilla camp and a video was later released to Arabic television station Al-Arabiya featuring the escapees.

    Al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden sent al-Faruq to South-East Asia in 1998 to expand operations in the region and link with JI.

    He was involved in up to 30 bombings against churches in Indonesia in 2000 and two assassination bids on president Megawati Sukarnoputri.

    After his arrest, al-Faruq was interrogated at Bagram where human rights groups claimed he was subjected to stress and duress techniques and sleep deprivation.

    Analysts believe al-Faruq, if not still hiding in Afghanistan or Pakistan, may have joined terrorists in Iraq, given his parents were Iraqi.

    They said the possibility he had moved back to South-East Asia was slim.

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    Default Re: Escapee a terror chief

    so much for max security


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