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Thread: Dunk Competition!

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    so we got Nate Robinson, Andre Igudala, Josh Smith (defending his title) and Hakim Warrick. who do u think will take tha crown this yr?

    My picks Andre Igudala ...dude can throw it down :thumbup:

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    i'm going for robinson just cause i heard he's like 5'7 or something which should make his dunks more impressive like spud webb's did, but all these guys got mad ups though so it should be a good contest

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    ye thas tru enuff

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    like always, the dunk contest is the highlight od the all-star wknd!!!! and nate robinson just 5'9 tall ruled 2006!!!the jump over spud webb, dunk champ from 1986, gave him a 50!!! so he took the trophy home!!!but no critics on Iguodala!!! his A.I. to A.I. Off the Glass was amazing!!! so cant wait till 2007 sprite rising stars slam!!!

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    oh it shud be dope....i thought this yrs was gunna be gud but not this gud

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    Andre should have won with the off the back of the backboard dunk.

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    that dunk was hella nice, but nate had some nice shit too. I think they should of went to another dunk off.

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    if andre's last dunk was better he would have one


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