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    It's been proven that Atlanta has been the breeding ground for today's famous rappers, and hip hop artists. That's where the amazing duo Da Backwudz were located. Two cousins Marcus "Big Marc" Thomas and James "Sho-Nuff" Redding are from Atlanta, and were choir boys in the past. They were raised on different genres of music, but gospel had a big influence on them.

    Da Backwudz began stompin' around Atlanta, doning shows non stop, and appearing on mix tapes. Later on the group was introduced to CEO Dallas Austin and the deal was sealed. Their first debut album "Wood Work" is a masterpiece. There aren't any musical genres on this album, Da Backwudz wanted to encompass all sounds and vibes. It's a collection of classic crunk, throwback funk, and juke-joint soul. The first single on the album "You Gonna Luv Me" was a big hit. The album is also filled with club banging music like Don't Handcuff Her, "Feeling Lonely" is a heartbreaking song which demonstrates the issues in the society. " The music we makin' has so much creativity, so much life in it. We all are a part of God's environment - we put that into our music and that's what we want the world to receive." It's exactly for that reason why this album is absolutely phenomenon.


    "Problems are the price you pay for progress."

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    That "Feeling Lonely" track got Da Backwudz a lot of respect from me.


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