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Thread: "Crash" The Movie

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    Default "Crash" The Movie

    A strong in-your-face reminder of how arrogant and racist we all are. Extraordinary performances by all the actors and actresses. I just got a bootleg of this film and I was astounded with everything in it that I actually wanted to go to the theatre instead. This film has so many unexpected suprises that most movie-goers will feel glorified by them. I will try to briefly describe some characters without revealing the climax(es).

    Sandra Bullock - Jean Cabot
    Wife of the District Attorney of LA. After getting car jacked at gunpoint by Ludacris and his buddy Larenz Tate, she takes out her anger on a mexican locksmith who just happens to have "prison" tattoos.

    Matt Dillon - Sgt. Ryan
    Unable to find help from a black HMO clerk for his father who has a problem urinating, he too, takes out his anger on a pair of black couple that evening. Next afternoon, he is faced with the same woman (Thandie Newton) he "molested" the night before, in a car crash.

    Terrence Howard - Cameron
    The husband of Thandie Newton. He tries to do everything the right way but the situations just keep getting worse. Next day, he is carjacked by Ludacris and Larenz, who had no intention to rob another black man.

    Larenz Tate - Peter Waters
    Left his brother and mother to hustle on the streets of LA with Ludacris (Anthony). He likes everything that the average black American doesn't. He plays hockey, he listens to country music, etc. He is a charismatic man who wants to do everything opposite of what Ludacris would do.

    Don Cheadle - Det. Graham Waters
    Tries to take care of his mother as good as he can. His younger brother Peter (as I said above) hustles on the streets, but their mother doesn't know that. She loves Peter more than Graham, not knowing that it is actually Graham who buys the groceries for her everyday, not Peter.

    Michael Pena - Daniel the Locksmith
    Has a family. Things just don't go his way being a mexican who is just trying to live life. He gets wierd glances from Sandra Bullock who thinks he will steal the keys to her door. An Iranian store owner gets him to fix his lock, and again he is yelled at.

    Farhad the Iranian store owner plans his revenge the following afternoon. Strapped with a gun, he decides to go to the locksmith's home.

    So those were just one-third of all the important characters in this movie, I don't have the time to describe all of them. If you plan to see this, good for you, I guarantee that this film will change your life, and change your views upon racism and dealing with anger.

    I rate this movie 9.5/10

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    I'm definately going to check that out. Sounds like a film that you actually have to follow the plot, most films now seem to be dumbed down that you sit through and watch them mindlessly.
    Collateral with Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise was quite good I got that out on DVD the other night

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    Havent seen this movie but I will def get to it


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