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    A week ago, I went to my first concert ever, so it was a brand new experience. And before I go further, let me say, I'm not really into concerts or clubs or places where I'm in the middle of a crowd of people.

    But back to the review. Survey says: this concert was hands down, fantastic. It was the shit. Here's my breakdown:

    You could call me a Common fan if your defintion of fan is simply someone who enjoys the artists music. But I don't own ANY of his CD's, nor follow his career much. After seeing this concert, I want to buy EVERY cd, and that's not even because I enjoyed all the songs.

    First off the bad: I waited like 2 and a half hours, standing up, for the show to start. And then the show was like an hour, so my back was killing me. But the show was an HOUR. Compare that to Young Jeezy's wack ass doing a 20 minute set and then leaving.

    Common had a live drummer and keyboard player and a DJ. And the concert flowed. One song led into the other. He performed a CONCERT, not just a collection of his songs. He freestyled for about 2 minutes straight...

    I'm still in giddy fan mode, so it's hard to describe, but if you get a chance, go see Common. Fuck a 50 Cent show. All he's gonna do is hold a mic and wave his hand back and forth. Common puts on a spectacle.


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    that's how i felt when i saw kanye on the touch the sky tour, too bad common had to leave for filming. G.O.O.D. music is straight good music.

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    yeah ive heard common puts on a good show. hes a good artist though thats for sure.

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    common is insightful on many levels... i love his records... never been to a show tho :frown:


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