this boy album is serious. The production is very mainstream and it does get repetive a lot but for him to be so young and excutive produce his first album is mos def big things

he wrote 2 songs on the album one of them being one of my favorites "Just Fine" I will upload it if anyone is intrested. I actually went out and paid for this cd and it was well worth it every single song is a hit although im not too much feeling the one with the rapper he has on there

he has good production if u like the party sound and its good rider music for some r&B. I hope he waits about a year before he drops another album though because his voice isn't too deep so at times it sounds a bit annoying but at the same time it was a very good album and i was impressed

must downloads

Gimmie That
Aint no Way
Just Fine
Say Goodbye
Popin (uploaded in singles section)
And Is This love

thats most of the albums minus run it and YO and the one song i said i dont with that check out get the tracklisting download somethin then hopefully you will go out and support his album it is a very good project

plus his live performance is very good and he dances his ass off u guys have got to check this boy out if u aint already watching his foot steps