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Thread: bush does it again

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    Default bush does it again

    Unplugged, Bush speaks frankly on Mideast - Yahoo! News

    i also got the sound file :D

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    Default Re: bush does it again

    Aww man......don't get me started on this retarded fuck known as our United States President.

    "The irony is, what they need to do is get AMERICA to get ISRAEL to stop doing this shit, and it's over!"

    The only countries that are fully backing Israel and what they're doing right now is the US and the UK. THE REST OF THE FUCKING WORLD has sense. It's rediculous how you can lead a full on military strike just because 2 soldeirs were captured. The US had plenty of our people taken hostage in IRAQ but we didn't start bombing innocent civilians. And they said this military strike could go on for weeks. THEN after the strike is over they'll think about talks on releasing prisoners. WHAT THE FUCK?! Then what exactly is the purpose of this massacre of Lebanon?

    Israel is going to lead us (The United States) into another fucking purposeless war for their own "interests". Our children and loved ones are going to get sent off to a foreign land and become just another body count.
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    Default Re: bush does it again

    And I find it funny how Bush is now ACCUSING Syria of aiding Hezbollah. Isn't this the same president that ACCUSED Saddam Hussein of having WMD's? The same president that ASSUMED Saddam Hussein, if not having WMD's, was gonna get them soon?

    Syria is NOT aiding Hezbollah.

    I also find it funny how he can say Hezbollah needs to stop doing this shit. HAS THIS FUCKING IDIOT LOOKED AT THE DEATH COUNT LATELY?! The death count of Israeli strikes on Lebanon are QUADRUPLE of what Hezbollah has done to Israel.

    Like I said before. These actions are DESPICABLE! Just for TWO soldiers?! I mean, any life lost is never good. But in war, soldiers are always captured. They didn't say they were fucking dead or anything. They're still alive. So you're saying Israel has the right to MASSACRE hundreds, if not thousands in the next few weeks, of Palestinian men, women, and children, because Hezbollah has two ALIVE and BREATHING soldiers in their hands?

    If that's the case, then Hezbollah has the right to massacre the people of Israel. Look at all the Hezbollah soldiers THEY captured.

    EDIT: And before anyone comes in here to start a flame war. No, I do not hate the Jewish people. I am not an Anti-Semite. What I am, though, is an Anti-Israeli Government. The people of Israel should not have to go through this just like the Palestinian people shouldn't.

    The fact of the matter is, Palestine was stolen from the Palestinians. No matter which way you look at it. Palestine, before the Jewish took it over, was home to 80% Palestinian Muslims, 10% Palestinian Christians, and 5% Jewish. Now the Jewish are basically leading a silent Genocide against the Palestinian Muslims and Palestinian Christians. Why do you think Israel has NO constitution? Because what they're doing AT THIS VERY MOMENT is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Not having one allows them to be racist against the Arabs and highly favor one group of people in their country.

    Seriously. Go read about Palestine. About the War of 1948.

    The Palestinians just want their land back. That is all.
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    Default Re: bush does it again

    ^lol, did u take history or somethin

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    Default Re: bush does it again


    I just picked up an encyclopedia and read.

    I'm not gonna go blabbing on about a situation without knowing the history behind the situation.

    Seriously. Just go pick up any encyclopedia and read about Palestine and the events leading up to it's transformation into Israel. It's just a lot of shady shit man. Shady shit that they'll never tell you on the news. They'll lead you to believe that the Israeli's are the innocent ones and they haven't done anything wrong. But the fact of the matter is, the Israeli's are the CAUSE of all of this.

    Once again, I'm not a Jew-hater or any of that bull shit. I'm just a guy that calls a spade a spade.

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    Default Re: bush does it again

    yeah its some bullshit. you gotta feel sorry for lebanon too.

    and how come bush "refused to deal with terrorists" when american soldiers got taken hostage and now these two are hostages and a full frontal fuckin seige is goin on and innocent people are bein killed

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    Default Re: bush does it again

    This is all a load of bullshit, now these dumbass republicans are talking about a WW3, you stupid fucks, yous tarte dthis crap. And dont get me started on israel, first they go into the westbank take the land from palestinians, but thats a whole other story. Bush is a fucking moran, here is israels master plan, firts they ar egoing to blast lebonan and then they are going to go into syria, and teh fucking US and thos dum shits in britain are just gonna help them and continue all this crap. But that WW3 seems to be getting closer and closer, so many cionflicts around teh world, somalia, US-Iraq, US-Afghnistan, US-Iran, North Korea, Israel-Palestine, Israel-Lebanon, Pakistan-India, and whole lotta other crap is going on. An diwtha ll these nukes i wont be surprised if osme big shit just goes down.
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