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Thread: big boi pudge smokin dat good shit

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    Default big boi pudge smokin dat good shit

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    Puff,Puff Pass!
    DO I see anything wrong with blazzin a little chRONic? NO NOT REALLY!! I mean I dont smOke TrEEs On a rEgULAr bAsis Or nOthiNg, bUt ThEn AgAiN I dONT rEaLLy sEE ANyThiNg wrONg wiTh iT! LOL hYt iF a M/F wANNA gEt bLUNTEd OuT***fRy a fEw brAin cELLs...mOrE pOwEr 2 Em! ThE ONLy ThiNg I thiNk wEEd dOEs is cALm ppL dOwN & mAkE thEm LAzy Az hELL & cATch dA mUNChEEz!!!sO bLAzzE On 4 sHiZZZZLE!!!
    I knOw A LOT Of ppL...pROfEssiONALs whO gEt (HigH-As-A-KiTE) bEfOrE tHEy cREATe ThEir MUSIC Or ART Or EvEN tHEir bLOg pAgEs! LMAO

    sOmE Of My fAvOriTe spOrTs hErOEs LikEd Or LOVE tO gEt zOOTEd! IncLUdiNg "RANDY MOSS"! HEs pUbLiCLy AdmiTEd tO sMOkiNg MaRiJUANA As A dAiLy riTuAL ON ThE Off sEAsON...This Is A cOMMENt I saw in a magazine on #18 4 ThE OAkLANd RAidErs!

    Whoa , what a news flash . No wonder he always looks sleepy . You would think he'd be a little more mellowed out though ....

    After originally signing a letter of intent to play college football with Notre Dame in 1995, Moss took part in a racially-charged fight at his high school that left a person (Ernest Johnson) hospitalized. He pled guilty to battery and received probation and a 30-day suspended jail sentence. Notre Dame revoked his scholarship, but this setback did not stop another high profile college football program from giving him a chance. Notre Dame officials suggested Florida State due to the esteemed repuation of its coach, Bobby Bowden, for handling troubled players. However, because of his signed letter of intent at Notre Dame, the NCAA considered him a transfer student, which made him ineligible to play for the Seminoles in the 1995 football season. He was redshirted in his freshman season. In 1996, Moss tested positive for smoking marijuana, violating his probation, and was let go by Florida State. He served 30 days in jail for the probation violation.

    On September 24, 2002 in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota, Moss was driving in his Lexus and was preparing to do an illegal turn. A city worker saw what Moss was trying to do. She stood in front of his car and was ordering him to stop. However, Moss didn't stop his car until she fell on the ground. Moss was originally charged with Suspicion of Assault with a Deadly Weapon which is a felony and a misdemeanor marijuana possession. Moss pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor traffic violation. He was ordered to pay a $1,200 fine and perform 40 hours of community service.

    he got into an argument and shoving match with Libby Offutt, his girlfriend and now mother of his two children. The two were charged with domestic battery, with the charges later dropped.

    Controversy also returned that season, kicking off a series of misconducts. Frustrated late in a playoff loss at St. Louis, Moss squirted an official with a water bottle and the NFL fined him $40,000, which was later reduced to $25,000. That incident followed a $10,000 fine in November for verbally abusing an official.

    U cAN sAy wHAteVer yOu wANT 2 AbOuT MOSS, bUt I cANt cONdEM ThE bEsT WidEOUT iN ThE NFL!
    ThATs jUsT mY 2 cENTs hOmiEz...LOL

    I think the players that are clearly smoking weed should not be tested by league. That way everyone can avoid the embarrasment and rigamarole surrounding a substance that clearly isn't much a performance affector. Randy can smoke his weed and still catch 1,000 yards, and Ricky can rush for 1,500 and smoke his weed - and no one gets their panties in a bunch over nothing!!! 4 sHO!

    "No need to be fedI pumped dis n.igga full of led...Laid this n.igga on the bed...Only thing drippin blood is his head."

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    Default Re: big boi pudge smokin dat good shit

    man fukk drugs...


    "Problems are the price you pay for progress."


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