The Akai Professional MPC3000 Music Production Center combines a 64-Track MIDI Sequencer with a 32-voice 16bit Stereo Digital Sampler. The MPC is a rock solid sequencing and drum programming machine with 16 velocity and pressure sensitive rubber pads. The unit allows you to sample more efficiently. This composition center is contained in one extremely powerful desktop unit.

Designed for professional audio production, the MPC3000’s intuitive and ergonomic interface makes it the ultimate user friendly composition studio.

Two internal effects processors can be used simultaneously. This includes a wide range of effects algorithms, such as reverb, delay, bit grunger, chorus, phasers, flying pan, 4-band EQ, compressor, and a phase shifter.

Real-time control is provided by two note variation sliders and two Q-Link knobs. Q-link knobs can be separately assigned to allow flexible, real-time performance control of a wide variety of selectable parameters. These parameters include level, pan, filter cut-off and resonance, and tuning.

Each assignable Q-Link knob can generate MIDI data so that parameter information can be recorded and played back from within a sequence

Following the highly acclaimed MPC60 and MPC2000, 2 MIDI inputs and 4 MIDI outputs come standard enabling 64 external MIDI channel operation. In addition, the MP3000 can individually control its onboard sampler up to 64 Parts, allowing users to assign a different program on each track.

A large LCD screen allows a clear view of sequence data displaying features such as a drum machine 'grid'. Continuous MIDI data can be shown as well as edited graphically.

The MPC3000 comes with 16MB of onboard memory which can be expanded up to 128 MB of RAM via the optional EXM128 memory card.

The MPC3000 has the capability of an optional internal Hard Disk and CD-RW drives.

Akai Professional, in its pursuit to remain the leader of digital sampling technology has released the MPC 3000. This unit designed for professional audio production, offers drum programming, sequencing, and sampling capabilities. Artists now have the luxury of producing music with a compact music composition center.


# Sampling and creating beats
# MIDI sequencing
# Live Performance

Key Features

1) Improved Akai MPC design

# Large graphic LCD display based on the friendly user interface of the MPC series
# MPC’s iconic “feel” and “groove”
# Velocity and pressure sensitive pads allow for expressive programming, with more pad banks
# New Features such as Chopshop, Patched Phrase, Grid Edit, Effect and LFO sync, Mixer Automation, and Input Thru Expanded Linear/Pattern-based 100,000 notes, 64-track sequencer and 64 external MIDI channels
# 32-voice, 16bit drum sampler equipped with 16MB of RAM with ability to hold 128 RAM

2) Extensive connectivity

# Two MIDI inputs and four MIDI outputs
# Built-in USB Slave port for connection to a Windows or Mac OS computer
# Built-in 10 analog outputs
# 2 1/4” stereo analog inputs and outputs with 16bit/44.1kHz sampling
# Master/Slave synchronization capabilities: MIDI clock
# 2 Assignable Footswitch inputs

3) Sample Library Compatibility- Compatible with:

# MPC2000/2000XL: SEQ, WAV, SND, PGM (Most parameters of a PGM file can be loaded.)
# MPC4000: SEQ, WAV, PGM (DRUM program only. Only note assign and tune are loaded.)
# MPC3000: SND (THRU Computer)
# Z4/Z8: WAV only
# S5000/6000: WAV only (THRU Computer)

4) Extensive sound control

# Extensive sample editing that includes cut and paste, timestretch, slice, resampling etc, with waveform
# Display, discard, extract, delete, silence, normalize, reverse, and pitch-shift
# Dynamic resonant multi-mode filters, 2 envelope generators and 1 LFO for each of the 32 voices
# 2 Q-Link sliders and 2 knobs for real-time control over a wide variety of dynamic changes

5) Self-contained

# Optional user installable Internal hard drive to store custom sound libraries and sequences
# Optional user installable CD-RW/DVD drive


On average, people rated:

Features: 8.75
Sound: 9.125
Usability: 9.625
Quality: 10
*LOVE*: 9.875

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Prices on Akai MPC 3000

Posted by: BIGDtheeAbmnble (November 03, 2005)
Price paid

Features (10 / 10)

Sound Quality ( 10 / 10)

Usability (10 / 10)

Quality / Durability( 10 / 10)

Love Factor (10 / 10)


Posted by: BIGDtheeAbmnble (November 03, 2005)
Price paid

Features (10 / 10)

Sound Quality ( 10 / 10)

Usability (10 / 10)

Quality / Durability( 10 / 10)

Love Factor (10 / 10)


Posted by: elmcity (October 09, 2004)
Price paid

Features (7 / 10)

Seems a bit dated by todays standards. I wish it had effects but judgeing by what i hear about AKAI doesn't have the best effects. Nothing can touch the timing feel of this beast and to this day it is STILL the only sequencer i use.
Sound Quality ( 10 / 10)

Great Quality for HIP-HOP! That's mostly what i use it for.
Usability (9 / 10)

Very easy learning curve. I have not had such fun since my ENSONIQ EPS days. Once you get into this everything is second nature. I just wish it had a grafical screen.
Quality / Durability( 10 / 10)

Like a BULL on steroids! My son got a piece of gum stuck inside my floppy and it still worked like charm! (yes the gum is out)
Love Factor (10 / 10)

I have have RM1X,MC909,and MP-7 sequencer(s), but the MPC is the only one i use. It's still that good! If i could put a pair of 42(.)(.)double dees, i would marry her

Posted by: i love hip hop (June 15, 2004)
Price paid

Features (9 / 10)

4 MIDI Outs/2 MIDI Ins, built-in SCSI, 64 sounds per program, and filters, are all great featues. Screen could have been designed a little larger.
Sound Quality ( 9 / 10)

Definitely Satisfied with the overall sound quality. Crisp clean sounds whether they are sampled & tweaked by me or third party software disks.
Usability (8 / 10)

Fairl straight forward. If you've used a professional drum sequencer you should know how to operate this model within miuntes.
Quality / Durability( 10 / 10)

Built like a TANK!!! Unlike the MPC 2000 the MPC 3000 is sitting on some weight!!
Love Factor (9 / 10)

Very easy to use, & it's doing exactly what I ask of it.

Posted by: Unknown (November 15, 2003)
Price paid

Features (10 / 10)

yes im satisfied
Sound Quality ( 10 / 10)

everything works well
Usability (10 / 10)

Quality / Durability( 10 / 10)

Love Factor (10 / 10)

i love it...its my bestfriend

Posted by: Unknown (March 03, 2003)
Price paid

Features (5 / 10)

Sound Quality ( 5 / 10)

Usability (10 / 10)

Quality / Durability( 10 / 10)

Love Factor (10 / 10)

Posted by: Unknown (June 03, 2002)
Price paid

$2,200 (1994)
Features (9 / 10)

Yeah, and they've mostly been included in the 2K/4K models. I am satisfies with the features, tho, on it's own. The sequencer is more than adequate for midi and sample arrangement. The sampler could be a lot more robust....
Sound Quality ( 9 / 10)

The sound quality is goood; I don't think the sound quality or "sounds" are focused in a genre--since the MP has no sounds really. The effects are okay, but I use them carefully on just some sampled sounds. I like the filters; they give sounds a really nice timbre.--should have more options for the envelope.
Usability (10 / 10)

The manual is adequate for a beginner (like me) to get through. The MIDI sections are straighforward and I can usually find what I need in the index or HELP on the box itself.
Quality / Durability( 10 / 10)

Solid physical structure. The 2000 feels plasticky in comparison. Never used support.
Love Factor (10 / 10)

I give a lot of credit to Roger Linn and Akai for this revolutionary and inspirational machine. I love it and the few times I've "hated" it, it's been user error.....

Posted by: Unknown (April 01, 2002)
Price paid

Features (10 / 10)

I'm extremely satisfied with the features, especially with the MIDI sequencer, the best I've ever used in my opinion.
Sound Quality ( 10 / 10)

The sound quality is excellent, 16 bit sampling of sounds. It has no onboard sounds since it is a drum sampler and sequencer. The MPC 3000 can be and is used in a vast range of musical genres, it's not limited to any particular genre of music, contrary to popular belief. The onboard delays are useful to an extent, but I usually use outboard effects.
Usability (10 / 10)

It's a breeze to use, the user interface is very user friendly, with all the common functions accessible right on the front panel. The manual is one of the most comprehensive manuals I've ever looked at from Akai, thanks to the genius creator of the MPC, Roger Linn.
Quality / Durability( 10 / 10)

I only use mine in the studio, but yes it is "robust" enough to use at a gig, it's built like a Hummer... lol. I've had mine for almost 2 years now and I haven't broken any buttons, knobs etc. yet. I've dropped my MPC twice and it still works like a dream. I've never had to contact customer support about my MPC... funny I never thought about that until now.
Love Factor (10 / 10)

I'm in love with this machine!!! I've had heated arguments with several girlfriends over it, needless to say they're gone and the machine stays... lol.


Price Paid: US $3100

Ease of Use: 10
Amazingly easy.. i used mostly an Emu 5000 sampler before this...but what a breeze just sit down for a few weeks and get into it and you will have it down in no time!!

Features: 8
Well the 3000 is a few y ears old so some basic functions you wish it the ability to find a specific sound in a sequence, or small things...but in the end you are buying it for the programming an dthis thing is absolutely amazing...awesome groove, easy to use, the not repeat key is amazing

Expressiveness/Sounds: 10
Dont buy an mpc to run effects off of it...u should be running effects in your mixing id on't even bother with the effects...aftertouch velocity are tight!

Reliability: 10

Customer Support: N/A
never needed it but this model is soo old now i doubt they would support it much

Overall Rating: 10
I paid through the nose for the LE...and I'd do it again!

Submitted by Anonymous at 02/26/2004 10:06
Price Paid: US a lot

Ease of Use: 10
version 3.11 MPC 3000 LE model, the last of the greatest drum machine/samplers. works like it should, doesn't crash, and sounds incredible. try that with your computer.

Features: 10
32 poly, 2 midi ins, 4 midi outs. hands down the best hardware sequencer i have ever used. the LE is the last run of these machines, and looks the business with its flash black and grey colour scheme. comes standard with everything you need..unlike the 2000, the 4000, the 60, etc. 8 outs...STANDARD....SCSI....STANDARD...etc

Expressiveness/Sounds: 10
there is something about the converters in these machiines. not as crusty as a 60, for sure. but the 3000 is DEEP and FAT. makes drums sound better. just warm and full. and it is always inspiring to use this machine to make the beats, much more fun than dinking around with a computer mouse, or tapping on a MIDI keyboard. this is the intuitive and FUN way to make beats.

Reliability: 10
i have owned several 3000's, and they have all been oustandingly reliable. i had a 2000 that dies on me, but what do you expect. and don't even ASK ME about the 4000....

Customer Support: 8
well, akai has never been known for great support. but luckily, this machine (using OS 3.11, SCSI ZIP for storage) works perfect. they don't have to support this one. unlike the when will people be actually able to USE that CDR burner in the 4000?

Overall Rating: 9
these are the best at what they do. none better. period. save yourself a lot of time, money, and frustration...if you want to make beats, use a great hardware sequencer, and feel the most amazing SCHWING in your beats, get a 3000.

Submitted by Anonymous at 01/19/2004 17:49
Price Paid: US $1300. used

Ease of Use: 9
Using the latest os, 3.11, and fully expanded memory....if you got even the slightest bit of rhythm and good taste in sample material you'll be getting busy within minutes, bangin out 4 bar bangers. On that level its easy and fun to use, not to mention if you play around for at least 10 to 20 minutes youll be pleased with the results. Then its time to hit the manual, after all you dont want to spend all this money and use this as strictly a drum module because of the sound and swing...this is a sampling/sequencing monster and its a breeze to use when you dig into the manual a little, TRACK>CREATE SEQUENCE>COPY EDIT FIRST SEQUENCE> SONG MODE>ARRANGE...boom instant funk with that professional sound. Be warned this is a super intuitive machine, but if your strictly a soft-musician you might have to come to grips with the non-visual style of interface, the graphics are minimum =) , the editing is numerical, waveform editing here, but if you have an attention span of more than 1 hour, you'll have no problem cruising around the interface. MIDI is also not a problem neither is setting MTC with your DAW tracker. Like all excellent designed music problems its easy to pick up and get busy but really opens up when you spend more time, ex. fine tuning the swing and shift options, playing live notes with the variation slider, using 16 note/note repeat features, erase button, etc, etc......simple stuff.

Features: N/A
See above...i forgot to mention the velocity sensitive em, cant be re-created anywhere else, it comes out nicer than changing velocity notes on something akin to Logic, etc.. Other that that it has four midi outs and two ins, I've ran three synths off it once, no problems there. The delay and resonant/frequency filters are also way above average and easy to use. SCSI out, I use a external zip to to save material, no problemo. I have to back them up soon before I eat my words =)

Expressiveness/Sounds: 10
Using it for hip hop & I always play around when no one is around and bust little four on the floor patterns, so I know for dance/drum oriented tunes music its punch cant be beat, the clarity and puch sound great, not transparent like the new 32-bit samplers or too crusty to make money without overdoing the compression of your music like a 12bit like the 60 (got one of those to)...the 3000 is awesome. I also trigger phrase samples and multiple instrument, percussion chops, they sound excellent as will take your source material and juice it up, no doubt about it. I love it. My favorite sound out of my Akai stuff, s1100, 60, and a 2000XL (sold)

Reliability: 9
I dont gig but this thing is built like a tank and is nice and weighty...heavy =good. i also bought it second hand and am having no problems after a half year of usage, in contrast my 2000xl would black out during usage.

Customer Support: N/A

Overall Rating: 10
If lost or stolen it would be the first thing on my list to recover. In this world of Logic, Cubase, Fruit Loops, and Reason (I do love Reason though) based sequencing this remains the centrepiece of my studio of both the sequence and sound, everything else feeds of the 3000 and will be built around the 3000s groove at the moment. I compare it to the 2000Xl, while the XL will give you instant gratification the 3000 will pay off in the long run, comparable to the 60, its not a overpriced groove box, it is professional item....i run it through my solid mixer into either a PT session or straight to DAT, no playing aound with programs.... Not to mention it sounds alot better and is built way stronger.

Submitted by Xelor Johnson at 04/05/2003 01:30
Price Paid: £2300

Ease of Use: 9
I bought the MPC 3000 when it came out in 1995. In the UK at that time everyone was on Atari's but I knew I didn't want to go the computer route particularly as I was into hip hop and R&B. My choice has been justified because subsequently the machine has become a classic and whatever they do with software sequencers they still don't have the funk of an MPC.
The great thing about this machine is that it only tries to do so much (unlike its software equivalents) but does it very well. As a result you can learn it quite quickly. Sure it has it's limitations and annoying blind spots but it will definitely give back to you what you put in. The manual's good but as with all manuals it's no substitute for hands on use.

Features: 9
The sample memory is relatively small and to upgrade it totally you have to buy one of those ludicrously expensive Akai memory boards. Better to chuck a couple of extra Simms board in. As I only use it for beats and loops I've managed to get by on 16MB fine.
One absolute necessity is a Zip drive to save things to. You can use the SCCI to connect it or if you're adventurous replace the floopy drive with a Zip one.
Unlike later MPC's, the 3000 has four mid outs rather than two which is a real useful and its eight analogue outs come as standard rather than as a rip off extra. There's only a terrible delay by way of FX but who cares????

Expressiveness/Sounds: 10
As every one says it's all about the "swing". Just sample a nice kick and snare, tweak the swing setting and sit back and enjoy it. You'll soon understand the meaning of the term sit on a beat. Computers aren't even in the same ball park - when I've tried working on them I've always been shocked by how noticeable the difference is.
Obviously there are no actual onboard sounds as the MPC's essentially a sampler but the sound of the sampler is fine. It's not as grungy as an MPC 60 but you can simulate that if you're after that 12 bit sound.
The filter is limited but good. If you want that filtered Jay Dee Tribe Called Quest sound this is the machine.

Reliability: 10
Seven years on and still going strong. I've never had a problem and I didn't even know what a crash was untill I bought a computer. Many computer based musicans actually choose MPC's for playing live which tells you all you need to know.

Customer Support: 8
Actually very good. There was a guy there called Erroll who was always very helpful.

Overall Rating: N/A
The MPC 3000 is truly a classic machine and I love mine dearly. I've tried sequencing on computers but hated it - it doesn't feel or sound right. This is much more intuitive and when people try an MPC they're inevitably hooked.
I for a long time had many of the prejudices that MPC 3000 owners have regarding the 2000 and 2000XL. Having used a 2000 recently I have to say a lot of these are unfounded. I made direct comparisons in terms of sound and rhythm and couldn't detect major differences. Sure the later machines aren't built as well but then they're much cheaper. Also, they have a whole load of features particularly in terms of the OS that I would kill for on my MPC 3000. The obvious differences are time stretch, resample, a bit crusher, better sample editing features and loads of little tweaks to make your life easier. But for me the killer feature of the 2000XL is it's ability to play sounds from more than one program at the same time. THis allows you to load up four programs of samples (nearly 250 sounds) and have access to them. So, you could have a dedicated percussion programme, one for FX and another for snares and kicks, etc. and pick and match between them in the same sequence. Believe me this a great step forward and is the reason that as soon as I can a cheap second hand 2000XL I will.
Ultimately, if you can find a 3000 by all means get one they're brilliant. But you'll make equally great music with a 2000 or 2000XL (and believe me especially in terms of what it can do the 2000XL in particular is a real bargain at the moment). Remember the people who say do everything on a computer are probably the same type of people who would have sold their Wurlitzers and MiniMoogs to buy a DX7 in the 80's. If I was looking to start making music I would look at a MPC, or even an Ensoniq ASR 10 (that's what the Neptunes and Timbaland us) which you can pick up for £300. The point is these machines are easy to learn and get up and going on - can you truthfully say the same about Cubase or Logic Audio?

Submitted by Tony F at 01/04/2003 10:11
Price Paid: US $2400 used

Ease of Use: 10
Everything is pretty straight forward. I got started without a manual and I got by without any problems. All the buttons are laid out in a simple way...Everything you need is at a touch of a button. I'll try to read the manual when I get some free time...

Features: 10
The unit has 32 voice polyphony and is easily expandable to 32MB with any 2 30 pin 16 megabyte SIMM memory modules. Any speed will do, parity or non-parity...It's very easy to install. There's no built in effects. Not too familiar with the FX for the unit...The sequencer on the unit is excellent. The feel of the groove is unmatched. Connect a 200MB Zip drive to it and you will be flying! Oh yeah, if you are looking to use it with a Zip drive don't forget to buy one with an OS version 3.11.

Expressiveness/Sounds: N/A
The sounds are phatt!!! Something about these old Akai samplers that blow the crap out of my speakers...The balanced outputs put out massive levels!!! Truly a professional machine!!! Please don't compare this with the MPC2000...This is the "real" thing...

Reliability: 5
I don't know much accept that this unit heats up like a motherfucker! I don't know if this is normal for all machines...I'm just afraid if I leave it on too long that all the soldering inside will melt...It hasn't happened yet, but I can definitely see it happening...Also, the display shouldn't be left on for too long...Otherwise it will dim out quick...Other than that, it's built like a tank!

Customer Support: 10
Great customer support...I can't believe that Akai still supports this gear! You can still buy upgrades, manuals, etc...For more info check out or

Overall Rating: 8
Great unit! Truly a classic! A must have! If your thing is Hip Hop or R&B and you don't have one of these, you gotta run out the door and get one right away. Remember, this machine was responsible for many hit tunes for almost a decade...You can't go wrong...I'd give it a 10 if wasn't for the heating problem...

Manufacturer URL
Ease of Use 9.6 (5 responses)
Features 9.3 (4 responses)
Expressiveness/Sounds 10 (4 responses)
Reliability 8.8 (5 responses)
Customer Support 8.7 (3 responses)
Overall Rating 9.3 (4 responses)

Beat Mechanic a professional user from USA writes:
And after nearly 5 years have past since this MPC 3000 thread was started... I bought the black LE beast for $1700 on Ebay. Yes, I'm a pro writer/producer for Universal Music Publishing... and have to admit that the music game is flooded because of low-cost software that has allowed anybody to become a psuedo-beatmaker - I won't mention any software names (Fruityloops,etc).. oops.. but I have to say that having become a sampling wizard since the days of old Roland SD-50's up to the Ensoniq Mirage/EPS16/ASR-10.. and now finally resting with Protools, Ableton, Reason, etc. I mean out of all the years of doin this looping, filtering, choping, of samples... the one machine that has brought inspiration back to me after all these years is the MPC 3000 LE.

You beat mechanics that have been doing this for a few years... know what it's like to lose inspiration with the tedious workflow thrown at us with software and pc music production. Well, after all this time, I've never taken an interest in the MPC series till now. And believe it or not... I do advanced protools, ableton, reason production work... but it's amazing that with all that ability... Making a simple neck snapper with the MPC is the most fun I've had in years... It's revitalized me. I feel fresh and new again like the days when we banged out drum beats on the cafeteria table in highschool. All I can say is the MPC 3000 is a box of miracles, that's just as much as an asset (holding its value) as it is a professional-grade studio machine....

I checked all the other MPCs and even the MV-8000 ... and my test was to see if a non-drum machine guy like myself could walk up to the MPC 1000, 2000xl, 2500, 3000 and MV-8000 and make a beat having no knowledge of how to work each machine. I gave myself a 5 minute limit on the time to make a beat.. All I figured out in 5 minutes with the MV-8k is how to power it on. the MPC 1000 I couldn't figure out how to load up sounds in 5 minutes, the 2000xl same thing... the 2500 had some sounds pre-loaded (at music store) I managed to get a sequence started.. but I did something and everything stopped playing and even the music store personnel couldn't get my sequence back (I didn't hit power off).... finally the MPC 3000 booted up, I hit the obvious choice Disk then load sounds... played on the pads, hit record... and I was off building up a two bar loop... I didn't have to create a sequence or nothing... load sounds then bang away... so I bought the MPC 3000 LE for $1700 off ebay and have since almost caught up in skill to my buddies who have years of time on MPC 2000's and I still haven't looked at the manual. That's how intuitive the MPC 3000 is!!! And it's much more fun that "click-n-drag" music production!!!! Thanks for listening... MPC3000 is the little box miracles. Yup

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Dec-29-05 at 13:56
Rohan Mansell a professional user from Australia writes:
Happily announcing ...

MPC3000 / MPC3000LE operating system maintenance upgrade 3.16 ... YAY !!! HOORAY !!!

Hosted at and the files area of the MPC3000 list at yahoogroups.


Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Jul-18-05 at 05:26
Johnny a hobbyist user from Los Angeles writes:
if I wanna get one for the first time, what would be recommended, the 2000XL?

because it seems like that screen would help a beginner and be easy to use

Can it put out really legit stuff though? I'm just wonderin', doin some research

I just wanna make some really dope beats what would you guys suggest for a guy like me?

Rating: 0 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jul-14-05 at 02:28
soultrane a professional user from hollywood, usa writes:
ok... i know computers are more powerful. i know this is piece is old and out of date. i know cats were laughing at me at spending the grip i did to pick one up. guess what? who's laughing now. this thing sounds so good, is so easy to use, grooves so nice, and is so much FUN, that it was worth it... get a couple of zip drives and you can edit the samples on your computer and then load in monster kits to the mpc... fast, easy, nice.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Oct-19-04 at 11:03
soultrane a professional user from hollywood, usa writes:
ok... i know computers are more powerful. i know this is piece is old and out of date. i know cats were laughing at me at spending the grip i did to pick one up. guess what? who's laughing now. this thing sounds so good, is so easy to use, grooves so nice, and is so much FUN, that it was worth it... get a couple of zip drives and you can edit the samples on your computer and then load in monster kits to the mpc... fast, easy, nice.

tony a part-time user from United States writes:

Rating: 0 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Oct-05-04 at 13:08
stressed a professional user from North Carolin writes:
this is for 4243*J about the problem you're having. I thought it was just me, but I have the same problem when dumping into Protools. I got so use to it that I just correct the timing in Protools. May be a glitch or something. Still wouldn't trade the 3000 for anything.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Jul-23-04 at 14:07
Revolution a professional user from Los Angeles writes:
The bomb drop. Dont get it twisted. They dont make machines like this anymore.

The ads on this bitch is banging, side by side with my 2KXL the 3K slaps it around - the sound is so gatamn crunchy, theres a reason Dre still rocks the 3Ks for his drums, sequencing and percussion.

The only gripe I have with it is compare to newer machines, is that you can't automate the filter section or the effects, but if you now how to dig in this machine you can simulate this feature by setting the res and cutoff to the 16 levels parameter and get some really deep sounds. Submarine diving funk.

The only machine I got that really sounds like a drummer with the right samples. Then again I dont have a sp1200 yet.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Jul-17-04 at 12:14
Dont waste your hard earned dough on this , get the mv-8000 I just got rid of my mpc 3000 le , I was so skepitical about the mv-8000 at first but I spent 2 months comparing the machines side by side & since os 2 on the mv came out , I let the mpc go. the sound of the mv is warmer & the groove is as tight or as loose as you want it. I felt the groove on the mpc 3k but the mv is funkier by far & the sound is awesome

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Saturday-Jul-17-04 at 08:15
JR a professional user from U.K writes:
If you want people to be snapping their necks to your beats, DONT YOU THERE PURCHASE a 2000. The 2000 is riggid in sound and more suitable for HOUSE or POP production. Ive been using a MPC 60 and a 3000 and Nothing comes close to the ROGER LINN creation.

I wandered if any 3000 user can help me:

When I sequence on a MPC and record the drums back into Logic Audio to add FX and mixdown the track, the first hit eg: (Kik drum) is not bang on the first bar, rather its off. I know that its due to latency between the Audio and MIDI (iVE GOT HIGH END EQUIPMENT). IS THERE ANY ONE THAT COULD GIVE ME ADVICE OR QUICK TIPS ON HOW TO MAKE THE DRUMS SIT IN LOGIC AS FROM THE MPC.

T.1. a professional user from LA writes:
2000XL owner here, recently got to watch a producer use a 3000 in our studio, I played with it for a bit, and i want one, 5 out of 5. This is what ive been looking for in my drums and sequecnes. i also own a motif, triton studio, and a roland vs1824.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-May-25-04 at 00:06
Mush a professional user from canada writes:
The MPC 3000 designed for professional studios and audio professionals. A must have for anyone seriously producing Hip-Hop & or R&B trax.

Solid design and loaded with features, the MPC 3000 is a solid workhorse.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Monday-Apr-05-04 at 15:02
a part-time user writes:
It lives up to the hype, get it.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Mar-11-04 at 02:23
jackem a hobbyist user from ct. writes:
thats a fact all the mpcs are nice and can bang out exellent music

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Mar-02-04 at 16:45
cream of beats a part-time user from detroit aka Rockcity writes:
I really like this machine, but used onse are still too much. The warmth from the samples are nice compared to the 2000XL, but if you have a second sampler, you can basically get the same results with a 2000(XL) All trax done on the XL.. so remember, it's not the gear, but how you use it.. It really doesn't matter what MPC you own, they can all make good music.

a part-time user writes:
my fav MPC. its a personal preference, but its fast and efficient FOR ME. i can load up my sounds, and get 4-5 variations on one kit within 1 hour, no bullshit features, no crashing or errors...just the basics done well, awesome sound, really good resonant filters, stable, intuitive, on point sequencer/sampler.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Nov-25-03 at 03:30
NekJerka a professional user from St. Louis, Mo USA writes:
Phaatt Azzed, hot, nasty(Good), bangin BEATZ!! That's the MPC3000. I agree with a lot of producers on the fact that the MPC3000 is still reighning as the king! Of course, the MPC4000 is blazin, but I have professional buddies with the 4000 and they say the extra features of editing, disc burning, FX....are hot, but the trade off is simplicity of the 3000! Bottom line is....I use the MPC3000 daily and on projects for Major Labels and I fly thru the programming! It allows ideas to flow fast. Hell, the majority of major Hip-Hop/R&B since early to mid 90's was made on MPC3000's!! East coast producers like the added sample editing of the 2000XL/4000(looping..etc). MPC3000's are rugged too. Most units are over 6-8 years old and still bangin!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Oct-24-03 at 18:49
K a professional user from S.Jersey writes:
Here it is for all of the young people that might not know. The End ALL Be ALL of the MPC debates.

#1. The MPC60/60ii is the greatest sampler/sequencer of all time- just like Mike Tyson in his prime..think Tyson 1988 era.

#2. The Mpc3000 is just the better, improved version of the 60- think Tyson in 1989-90 when he was knocking everyone out in minutes

#3. The MPC2000 is Akai's attempt to be better then they already were without the help of Roger Linn- think Tyson in 1990 when he got knocked out by Buster Douglass..He didn't have any of his original team with him.

#4. The MPC2000xl was Akai trying to make a comeback and reprove themselves after the 2000's showing- think Tyson trying to make a comeback against Evander Holyfield.

#5. The MPC4000 was Akai once again trying to recapture some of the magic of a time well passed- think Tyson vs Lennox Lewis- he did his best but I think we all knew then that it was over for him.

#6. Finally the new MPC1000. Akai is trying to show the world that they still got it though reports state otherwise - think Tyson 2003 making a comeback; We'll all watch but do we really even care like we once did.....

But Hey Lets build a perfect drum machine and not fight over which of these is better...

Just think.. The Low End of the 60/60ii - Kick drums The high end of the EMU SP 12/1200's - snares + high hats The sequencer+ solid build of the 3000 - super tight feel The wave editing of the 2000/2000xl and the processing speed + storage space of the 4000... Now that would be something anyone listening......Peace

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Sep-25-03 at 14:47
M. DUB a professional user from Chicago writes:
The MPC 3000 will put out whatever you put into it. The interface is a little old school and I wish it had a usb connection (I guess that's why Akai came out with the 4000). The unit will get real hot if turned on for a long time. The only contender I see is the new Roland MV-8000. It has the design of the MPC with effects and usb. Does it sound just as good? Time will tell if the 8000 will take the MPC 3000 title.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Aug-22-03 at 13:39
thedon a part-time user from LALALAND writes:
if you want your drums to bang and your sequence to swang this is the thang. if you dont plan on using the mpc3000 to sequence and play the drums along with extra samples here and there it aint worth the money, this is a studio piece, its made for folks who got mad dough to spend on quality hear...coupled with sound modules, full samplers, the 3000 cant be beat.... IMO the 2000XL is a better all in one box for the djs just makin the beats etc....

really though, the 3000 a full studio together does like nothing else, save for perhaps the mpc60.