I went to the concert with my friend DJKS we got their at 6.20pm and got in at 6.30pm. i got a t-shirt 50 cent pic from the Massacre and on the right hand side its g-unit and on the back it has the the venues on the right and 50 cent on left and my friend DJKS got the same t-shirt as me.

Artists with 50 Cent : MOP,Young Buck,Lloyd Banks,Mobb Deep,Olivia,Ma$e,Spider Loc

The support support came from a crappy glaswegian rap group they came on @ 7.45pm and went of at 8.25pm and 50 cent came on with Spider loc at 9pm.

At one point he asked the crowd to shout g-unit if they liked dre, eminem etc, and g-unot if u didnt. Some guys shouted g-unot and then 50 said well u go out and buy game's cd and make me rich then. He also said Game's album was hot but only cause he wrote it and that game worked for him.

MOP & Mobb Deep & Olivia had wee sections to perform aswell

50 Cent performed better than last year i seen him , This has been my best concert of the year.

The songs they done were :

What up Gangsta w/ Spider Loc
On Fire
Shorty Wanna ride w/ Young Buck
Hate it or love it
In Da club
If i cant
21 questions
magic stick
candy shop
outta control w/ mobb deep
drop it like its hot - spider loc and Young buck
just a lil bit
in da club
disco inferno
get in my car
lay you down
stunt 101
wanna get to know you
Ante Up - MOP