We've gathered all the entries for the DJ EDM Contest and Producer EDM Contest and put them up into polls for you to vote for your favorite entry. Thanks again to Image-Line, FXpansion and 12inch Skinz for sponsoring this contest.

Producer EDM Bootleg Contest !!! VOTE NOW !!!

Group 1: djlodato vs. Hectormambo vs. K0ld vs. LucasLoop vs. Mokey&Boyette vs. revitalise vs. slayerkitaro

Group 2: 9yards vs. alexthird vs. kronusprod vs. Mr.Sir vs. nockturn vs. showbiznine vs. TimzZ

Group 3: Darkangel vs. DJJONNYBLAZE09 vs. fknpayattention vs. PJ On The Track vs. Rambunctious vs. romulopierotti vs. Slickrich

Group 4: bhrmi vs. djsuperjam vs. edsonfaiolli vs. jamesklenser vs. Nigidivitch vs. Stereonomic

GO HERE: CrazyPellas Producer EDM Bootleg Contest !!! VOTE NOW !!!

DJ EDM Mix Contest !!! VOTE NOW !!!

Group 1: Dj Mafioso vs. lk5o vs. john-n vs. ajnokia

Group 2: RCBeats vs. kalikrazed vs. djsuperjam

GO HERE: CrazyPellas DJ EDM Mix Contest !!! VOTE NOW !!!

There is a lot of great entries so take a few minutes to listen, share and vote

But if EDM is not your thing, we've got a Hip Hop Contest for you!
We are proud to announce that we are sponsoring TAGG Productions' Producer Beat Contest 2013 again. This beat contest will run from August 10th to September 7th.
For full details and to see who else is sponsoring:
GO HERE: CrazyPellas Sponsors TAGG Productions' Producer Beat Contest 2013

TAGG's contests always get a lot of entries and views so this is a great opportunity to get your music in front of even more people.

That's all for this email. Thanks to all those that entered the contests and those who take the time to listen, share and vote! And thanks to TAGG for approaching us to sponsor his contest again.

Keep making & sharing music!

Oh... one more thing before I let you go; I'm going on a short break from next Thursday (22nd) to Sunday (25th) as it's my 1 year wedding anniversary so I won't be on a lot then, but I will have my phone to take care of things.

Best wishes,
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