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Thread: Support Disaster Relief Efforts in Haiti!

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    Default Support Disaster Relief Efforts in Haiti!

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    Dear $username,

    As you probably heard, about a month ago Haiti was hit with a huge earthquake, leaving over 150,000 dead, 300,000 injured, and as many as one million Haitians homeless.

    CrazyPellas member srogers (DJ ST) came to me with an idea to put together a mixtape in an effort to help raise money for Haiti,
    I gave him the go-ahead to use our forum to source DJ's, Producers, and a Graphic Designer to contribute towards it.

    Members SoKaLM, Orygidalbeatz, DJ SHAWNE, funkyone, Tucky Ent., and Don’Dre stepped up to submit remixes, and ZekkGarEn stepped up to do the cover.

    Now for your chance to do your bit, visit Yéle Haiti - Blog where you can donate using PayPal, or a Credit/Debit Card, or you can donate $5 by texting YELE to 501501, or $10 by texting HAITI to 501501.

    Check out the final product below!
    Support Disaster Relief Efforts in Haiti! – Mixtape: Represent

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    I'm starting up new beat and remix contests, Sign Up below!!
    Beat Contest:
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    January's producer of the month and DJ of the month polls have been started vote here!!

    Last months newsletter kind of failed and I don't think many people got it, for that reason I'm including last months interviews.

    Psychopathik Beatz won the producer of the month for November, and has won previous beat contests we've had on CP.
    Check out this interview I done with him:
    Interview with Psychopathik Beatz

    Beneboi won the beat contest we had running through October,
    here is an interview I done with him, full of great detail!:
    Interview with beneboi

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    Default Re: Support Disaster Relief Efforts in Haiti!

    It's been a month since the earthquake - over 2 million
    desperately need of food assistance. They have no homes, no
    jobs, no food. The World Food Programme was there before the
    quake, and they'll be there afterwards helping to rebuild lives.
    If you want to help you should go to:
    Haiti Crisis | WFP | United Nations World Food Programme - Fighting Hunger Worldwide or text FRIENDS to 90999 to make a
    $5 donation


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