I was browsing the forums the other day as I usually do, and I came across a thread started by Phortune500.

This thread was titled "Stop Being So Sensitive" all about how you should take feedback on your music that you upload and share online.

Here's what he said...
I'm tired of members on here that always feel the need to defend OPs when someone else gives them harsh criticism about their music. If you want to feel good, go to Disney World.

Do you people think that an A&R is going to be nice about their feedback if your music sucks? I would love for someone to go into a record exec's office and say what seems like everybody says on here that "Rick Ross would KILL this beat!" or "This track goes EXTRA HARD. It's a 'club smash'!" and the tracks suck. They're going to tell you to get the hell out of their office and don't ever waste their damn time again. They might even put your name out there to other A&R's and let them know Producer John Doe is a freakin' joke and not to entertain him.

If you read The Bible, there's something in there about "iron sharpens iron". If you're here to get your ego stroked, this isn't the place. CrazyPellas is a community, and just like in a real community, everybody isn't going to like everything you do -- and that's their prerogative. Deal with it.

As with me and any other producer on here, there's a reason we're not a super producer (yet). And if we knew what the reason was, we'd have fixed it by now. So don't let your ego stand in the way of becoming a better producer or artist because somebody told you that your sh-t sucked. The biggest difference between run-of-the-mill producers in their basements and the big guns like Just Blaze and Timbaland is that they know what's good and what isn't. And that comes with time and a good circle [or community] that keeps it real with them. They probably have hundreds of beats locked away somewhere because they know they're garbage. And you know what they do with them? Create ghost accounts on Soundclick and make spending money.

What I'm saying is DON'T post a video or song asking for feedback and then get mad when you actually get feedback as you requested. If somebody says it's horrible, read what they say, digest it, and move the hell on. Be glad they took the time out of whatever they were doing to even give You another hit/click and LISTEN to it in the first place.

The best way to get back at the naysayers? Step Your Game Up and come back with something even better. And do it over and over and over again.
- it stood out to me as I had done a similar post a few years ago, and I agree completely with what he said.

Join the discussion and let us know your opinions here: Stop Being So Sensitive

Best wishes,
Crazy Pellas