This month what I have for you is....

an Interview with Red Jack
an Interview with lordbubba2
an Interview with Fuluke (TheKidCoke)
a Beat Contest
a Remix Contest
and a chance to get features on Unsigned Hype Vol.2 Mixtape
New Acapellas, & Instrumentals

First up, the interview with RedJack;
RedJack has been a member of CrazyPellas for a while.. and has made a name for himself as the “king of crunk”,
you can check out the interview here:
Interview with RedJack

Next up, the interview with lordbubba2;
lordbubba2 won Producer of the Month in August 2009, and was recently made Moderator of the Flip This forum,
where he's currently running a contest.
you can check out the interview here:
Interview with lordbubba2

and the final interview.. with Fuluke (TheKidCoke)
Fuluke won Producer of the Month in April 2009, I was meant to have put this interview up a few months ago.. but got sidetracked...
anyway, check it out here:
Interview with TheKidCoke (Fuluke)

Sign up for the beat contest here:

Sign up for the remix contest here:

kingjj4/Dj Hybrid has started a mixtape series to help musicians get heard.
You can find out more about it in this thread:

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You will need to subscribe to both of them as they are different sites.

Umm... and I think that's all, quite a bit there! lol.

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