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Thread: One year on... What lies ahead for you, and Crazy Pellas?

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    Default One year on... What lies ahead for you, and Crazy Pellas?

    A little over a year ago I sent an email out titled "What lies ahead for you, and Crazy Pellas?"
    with some information on what our plans for Crazy Pellas were/are. So, how have we progressed
    since then?

    Our plans were...
    - A place where you can learn a new talent or improve upon your existing talents. - DONE
    The learning center has continued to grow, now with over 200 articles and interviews of how
    you can improve on your music.

    - A place where you can upload your music. - DONE
    You can now easily upload and embed your music into your forum posts, or choose from many of
    the integrated partners to make it easy for people to leave feedback on your music.

    - A place where you can get feedback on your music. - DONE
    The talent forums are continuing to be one of the best places that you can get feedback
    on your music with the added incentive of earning talent points so you can get even more
    feedback on your music.

    - A place where you can gain exposure for your music. - DONE
    Every month a new artist, dj, producer and graphic designer is announced as the member of the
    month for their section and are giving the opportunity to be interviewed and featured on the
    Crazy Pellas homepage. In addition to that, we have charts that are updated on a monthly
    basis highlighting which tracks have been receiving the most buzz around the forums.

    - A place where you can sell your music AND merchandise. - DONE (kind of)
    Crazy Pellas gives producers and beat makers the opportunity to sell their beats on Crazy Pellas
    without taking any commission or charging a monthly fee. We are still working on allowing
    artists to sell their original music, and allowing the sale of physical merchandise.

    Even though these are "done" it does not mean development or improvements will stop happening...
    it won't, we've been improving since 2004 whilst many of our "competitors" have came and went.
    Crazy Pellas is still going strong after 8 years!

    One Crazy Pellas member that I have been working with closely over the past few years is
    Julian Keaton who has recently released his first single "Rise" from his album of the same name.

    Check out this short piece:
    Julian Keaton is back and he wants all of us to Rise. He released the lead single and title track of my album, “Rise”. This release is important to me because it kicks off the Rise movement.

    10% of all sales of the single will go to fund the registration and filing of the Non-for-Profit organization, The Rise Foundation. The Rise Foundation will have two programs that directly impact youth; 1) A mentoring program were 6th grade through High school students will be placed with a young professional in career fields they are interested in and will shadow that individual until they receive they’re High School Diploma; 2) an tutoring program were retired school teachers tutor 2nd Grade African American male students with Reading, Writing, Math, and Science. Some of the other programs the Rise Foundation will facilitate will be workshops and symposiums that create awareness towards social injustices and inequalities that oppress minorities, the middle class, and the developing poor.

    Please support the movement by purchasing the single, sharing it with friends and family, and volunteering your time for Rise sponsored events.
    Rise single

    As we have done with previous beat contests, we have sponsored TAGG productions 3rd contest
    which ends in 9 days. If you want to join 80+ other producers who have entered this contest
    get on over to CrazyPellas Sponsors TAGG's 3rd Beat Contest! GREAT PRIZES!

    That's all for this months newsletter!

    Thanks again for your continued support and best wishes,
    Iain Meddicks
    Founder & Owner of CrazyPellas

    Address: Suite 5334, PO Box 26965, Glasgow, G1 9BW, Scotland
    Call: (+44) 79 743 86 467

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    Iain Meddicks
    Founder of CrazyPellas / SendBeatsTo - Track what happens with your beats after you've sent them.

    Send me a message if you have any questions, or suggestions =]

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    Default Re: One year on... What lies ahead for you, and Crazy Pellas?

    Congrats on the sites success over the last 8 years!


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