A few months ago you will remember that I posted an announcement saying that the downloads section has been removed to be upgraded... well it's not been done yet, but there's good news....

A number of members have took it upon themselves to start posting their own downloads in other sections of the website.

Here's a link to some of them:
1) Acapellas, Instrumentals, Singles and Mixtapes - Music Promotion: Albums, Mixtapes, & Websites
2) Acapellas - **! ACAPELLA GATHERING! !** DIY Acapellas, Studio Acapellas, Homemade Acapellas
3) Drumkits - Download Drum kits!!!

I've also got downloads for LOGIC and ABLETON Live users but only for the First TWO people to reply to this email.

Now these aren't a replacement for the upgraded download system, but should be enough to keep you occupied for a while and perhaps even share your own files!

The new download system is being worked on... I've just been busy... cause I'm getting married in a couple of weeks =]

In other news you may remember we had a Rap Contest running on YouTube, that has now ended and the winner was Lil Anthony! Check out the interview and winning track here: Interview with YouTube Rap Contest Winner, Lil Anthony

You also still have time to enter our Producer Beat Contests!
Sampling Contest: CrazyPellas Sponsors TAGG's Hip Hop Sampling Producer Beat CONTEST!
Beat Contest: PRODUCER BEAT CONTEST TIME! Battle4Exposure July 2012

We'd like to congratulate our July of the month winners:
DJ of the Month: DJ T.O.B. - Interview with DJ T.O.B
Producer of the Month: slayerkitaro - Interview with Producer slayerkitaro of The ShatterGlass Project
Artist of the Month: YoungRich - Still waiting for his interview =]

And congratz to our chart toppers:
Remix: Dilated Peoples - Copenhagen (PHX Mix) - Dilated Peoples - Copenhagen [PHX Mix]
Beats: "I'm Ready" by DirtyScopeBeatz - ~new~ I'm Ready (Produced By: DirtyScopeBeatz)
Tracks: Julian Keaton - The Calling EP - Julian Keaton - The Calling EP

So yeah LOTS going on as usual here at Crazy Pellas, including some updates to the Beats Store: Embeddable Widgets, Google Analytics Integration, Feedburner Integration, UI / UX Improvements + more that you can read about here: CP Beats Store Support & Suggestions

That's it! I know this was a long email and I appreciate that you took your time to read it and would love to hear your thoughts on anything mentioned here so just drop me a reply =]

Don't forget if you're a Logic or Ableton Live user to claim your free downloads by sending me a reply.

Best wishes,
Iain Meddicks
Founder & Owner of CrazyPellas

Address: Suite 5334, PO Box 26965, Glasgow, G1 9BW, Scotland

Call: (+44) 79 743 86 467