In this months newsletter/ezine we've got a couple of interviews with 2 top producers,
a review of an awesome bit of software, beat contest updates, and a $100 newsletter contest,
and at the very bottom links to things mentioned.

The first interview is with DAMNAGE who was picked as Producer of the Month for January,
he's been around the forums for a while and has posted a few awesome tutorials in the Producer Talk forums,
you should go and check them out if you have a chance.

Anyway, you can check out his interview here: Interview with Damnage

The second interview is with RICHHUSTLE313 who was picked as January's Flipper of the Month,
he's only been on the forums for a couple of months but is already TEARING UP the battle forums,
you should go check out the battle's he's been in.

Check out his interview here: Interview with RichHustle313

The software review, is a review of Digsby, it's an IM, Email, and Social Networks all in one app and it's FREE!
Dj Excrucial was kind enough to do the review, you can check it here: Digsby - IM + Email + Social Networks - All in one Place!

The beat contest has been pretty dope, and the final round is this week so be sure to vote when the beats are up!

The rounds went like this...

Arkutec vs. pusher-man [Arkutec Advances]
Diggity dash vs. BIGMIC [BIGMIC Advances]
CHAExclusives vs. Psychopathik Beatz [Psychopathik Beatz Advances]
Mart85 vs. djplayuhh [Mart85 Advances]

Mart85 vs. BIGMIC [BIGMIC Advances]
Psychopathik Beatz vs. Arkutec [Psychopathik Beatz]

Psychopathik Beatz vs. BIGMIC

And finally...

The newsletter contest is still goin on...
If you remember the prize is $100 gift voucher for GuitarCenter, MusiciansFriend, or Music123.

Contest details removed =], only for newsletter subscribers

Producer Talk forum - Producer Talk
Battles forum - Battles [Name vs. Name Only]
Beat Contest - http://www.crazypellas.net/beats-con...bmissions-140/

There you have it for this month, longer than I expected lol, and a bit later than usual... got side tracked with stuff.

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