Hey Crazy Pellas,

I would like to invite you to vote in the poll at the top of this article: Lease Beats (Non-Exclusive) vs. Exclusive Beats
The article compares selling your beats as leases or exclusive, and the differences between them.
For your interest a variety of articles will be posted covering more topics which involve Producers, DJs, Artists, and Designers. Let me know, what topics you want covered.

We are currently running a beat contest, and remix contest. If you haven't checked them out do so: (Some pretty close battles!)
Beat, Remix, Artist Track, & Design Contests

I am glad to announce that I will be running regular contests continuously, so if you missed out on entering this time, keep checking back for new contests.

Lethal Illness is working with an artist by the name of Shawn Martinez - also a member of CrazyPellas - to record an album, if you want to help them out check out their kickstarter project:
Help Shawn Martinez Record a Studio Album by Shawn Martinez — Kickstarter

Thanks for your continued support, and feedback on the development of CrazyPellas.

Best wishes,
Crazy Pellas

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