The winter holiday season is fast approaching so I thought I'd drop you this quick email to wish you
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Now onto some stuff that's been happening on Crazy Pellas over the past month =]

October Artist of the Month went to EMCEE PROTOTYPE for his "Here We Go" track. Check out his music
and interview here:

CP: Is there a story behind your name emceeprototype?
EP: A little I changed my name to prototype because I seen myself as an unfinished emcee, haha it's weird but it makes sense in a way.
CP: How long have you been rapping?
EP: I started after high school so about 5 years legit now.
CP: What first got you interested in becoming a rapper?
EP: Well my friends always did it while I was around them and then one day...

Full interview: Interview with Emcee Prototype

November Producer of the Month went to AFTERTOUCH BEATS for his beat on "Two Turntables" by Krazy Drayz. Listen to the
beat and read the interview here:

CP: Is there a story behind your name AfterTouchBeats?
ATB: Back when I first started out, I had a book someone gave me about how to use FL Studio; eventually, it came time for me to contemplate a name for myself. Opened up the book to the glossary and one of the first phrases I came across was AfterTouch and I just attached to it.
CP: What genres of music do you produce? What's your favorite?
ATB: Lately, I've been focusing on Underground stuff mixed with randomly dabbling in Cloud Rap or that "Clams Casino Sound". Definitely my two favorite sounds to experiment with right now.
CP: How long have you been producing?
ATB: Off and on for...

Full interview: Interview with AfterTouchBeats (Music Producer)

Other notable mentions include ROBERT GARNER as October's Producer of the Month who's interview has already been featured in a newsletter and can be found on the site.


DJ Max-E from YouTube won TAGG's Beat Contest from October to November which we sponsored
and offered an interview opportunity:
CP: Thanks for taking the time to do this interview DJ Max-E. Tell us a bit about yourself, your name, age, where you’re from and an interesting fact
DJ: What's up CrazyPellas, my name is Michael, but on YouTube I go by the name DJ Max-E. I'm 21, I'm from Brampton Ontario, and interesting fact about me is that my voice sounds like Barry White at times.
CP: Is there a story behind your name DJ Max-E?
DJ: Yes, actually. My nickname is Maxie, and how I got that was by playing Pokemon Ruby when I was 12 years old. DJ Max-E was given to me when I was doing Chopped and Screwed Video Game music and uploading them on YouTube.
CP: What genres of music do you produce? What's your favorite?
DJ: It's miscellaneous ranging from hip-hop to...

Full interview: Interview with DJ Max-E (TAGG's Music Producer Beat Contest Winner)

DJ Max E's beats are available to buy from the CP Beats Store here:

November's charts has been very active and we see new entries from DJSonJam, Robert Garner, Bilshot and more. We also have a lot of chart position changes! Let's see how everyone got on...

Full charts: Top Remixes, Beats and Tracks of November 2012
topped by DJ T.O.B., Deviouz and Jakob22Music.

This will be the final newsletter of the year so let me know what you've got planned for next year
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