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Hey Crazy Pellas,

Just a quick email to say that I've updated with a new look, and new features. I've also released an Android app, so you can keep up with what's going on, while you're out and about! Read on...

The new features to mention are:
- A new '... of the Month' system, with the chance to win stuff, which you can read all about here: Everything You Need To Know About The New "... of the Month" System! - Blogs - Crazy Pellas
- Blogs
- Events (post about your upcoming music releases, and upcoming shows)
+ more you can read about here: Crazy Pellas New Version!

I am excited to announce you can now access Crazy Pellas via your Android device, with the Android App available to download free from the Android Marketplace @

And finally, don't forget to keep up to date with the latest site developments at the Crazy Pellas Facebook, and Twitter pages.

Facebook: CrazyPellas | Facebook
Twitter: Crazy Pellas (CrazyPellas) on Twitter

Thanks for your questions and feedback, look forward to seeing you around the forums!

Crazy Pellas

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