sent: March 31st 2006

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this months newsletter will contain updates and changed made to the site also a few other things,

first of all here are the updates:

1. New super mod (ThugLife)
2. The 'Respected Members' Apply/Nominate 'Rejected' forums renamed to 'Declined'
3. Clicking Thanks no longer increases your post count.
4. New forum 'MIDIs' ( suggested by
5. New forum 'Oldies Singles' ( suggested by In-Dent
6. 'Poetry' forum renamed to 'Creative Writing'
7. New forum Unsigned Hype ( suggested by wunthugspassion
8. Number of times thanked in signature removed, people were confused and asking why it said they had only been thanked 1 time in 1 post when they had been thanked more times in more posts.
9. Discussion/Help/Promote renamed to Talent Discussions
10. New forum Talent Discussions (
11. Userpage hack uninstalled
12. Media BBCode installed, it allows you to embed your audio e.t.c. into your post, see this thread for how to (
13. Graphic Requests made a sub-forum of Graphics
14. Oldies Acapellas renamed to Classic Acapellas suggested by Lil Rogue
15. Oldies Instrumentals renamed to Classic Instrumentals suggested by Lil Rogue
16. Oldies Singles renamed to Classic Singles
17. MySpace profile field added, gives a link to your MySpace profile in the postbit and profile, see this thread for where to add it (
18. Flash ads were removed and replaced with text ads
19. New rule; when uploading .rar and .zip files add uppedforcrazypellas at the end of the file e.g filename-uppedforcrazypellas.rar (suggested by soneprod) or password protect it with

I would like to see more participation in the other forums aswell as the download forums, i know it is mainly an acapella, instrumental and sample site, but i'm assuming that you all use the acapellas, instrumentals and samples to do remix's, productions e.t.c, we would like to hear your stuff, so post them in the appropriate talent forum (, so you can recieve feedback, please follow the rule at the top of each of the talent forums,
I would also like to see more people posting in the General forums (

thats really all,

oh and I created a MySpace page, so you can add me as a friend if you want
Crazy Pellas

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