sent: February 28th 2006


well this month there's been a few things happening...

first off we broke our 5000 members mark ,

the uShop ( is back where you can spend your CP Dollars

a few other hacks were installed also, nothing major,

Total Games in Forumhome Stats
Total Thanks in Forumhome Stats
Post count in postbit as a link to view member's posts
Horizontal Posting Rules <- the thing at the bottom of the forumdisplay and showthread
Username HTML Markup in Navbar <- the Welcome, Username
Total thanks recieved in signature

about the total number of thanks recieved in signature i know it is wrong for a few people, i have no idea how to fix this and why it is wrong.

A. Woods has another producer contest going on, keep up with whats going on in that here

i've had a few people asking how to download and how to upload, if you want to know this then this post is what you need

if that post doesn't anwer your questions about uploading/downloading then post a new thread in Help & Support

and i'll do my best to answer your further questions,

there was also a question about how to hide links, for the answer to that you should view this post

with saying that just a reminder that links shouldn't be hidden in the talent sections, although i know few people have done so

umm thats all i can think of for this months newsletter,

keep enjoying the forums and spreading the word

Crazy Pellas