sent: January 31st 2006


this is the first newsletter of 2006,

here's a few things i've got planned for 2006:

1. Portal/Site with useful resources for DJs/Producers/MCs and Graphic Artists (should be started June/July)
2. Acapellas and Instrumentals archive, maybe more sections (should be started June/July)
3. Jukebox - play your (members) music i.e remix's/blends/beats/tracks)
4. Get the contests and prizes running regular (again - although we only ahd them running for 2 or 3 months without long breaks)
5. Write a VERY detailed FAQ

maybe more things to be added

a couple of things have been added to the forums sice the last newsletter

such as:

1. vBRadio - click the Radio image at the top of the forums
2. 2 new forums Pictures ( and Rides (

Also a way to recieve maximum exposure for your mixtapes/albums on the forums, see this thread for more details

Looks like next month we will break our 5000 Active Members mark

nothing much else to say,

if you have any suggestions to improve the forums please post them in here

if you need help with anything post in here

Crazy Pellas