Hi Everyone!

First newsletter of 2007, so happy new year to start off...

Quite a few things to cover in this newsletter so read on...

1. Some changes made to the forums
2. New features
3. Features in planning
4. New look
5. Contests
6. New site
7. Donate/Donations

Their has been a few changes made to the site since the last newsletter was sent out, here are the changes:
1. The Disclaimer/Terms of Service has been updated, you can read them here: http://www.crazypellas.net/disclaimer-tos/
2. The talent discussion forums have been moved to their appropriate talent forum, you can see what I mean here: http://www.crazypellas.net/news-and-...-forums-22931/
3. The points and shop system has been uninstalled due to a security flaw, you can read about it here: http://www.crazypellas.net/news-and-...-points-23944/
4. The rating system in the talent forums has been improved, you can read and post comments here: http://www.crazypellas.net/news-and-...-system-24837/

I have added a few new features:
1. A "Most Thanked Threads" page
This page shows a list of the most thanked threads (obviously), you can see it here http://www.crazypellas.net/most-thanked-threads/ - it does take a while to load because it needs to query the database.

2. A "Most Thanked Users" page
This page shows a list of the most thanked users (obviously), you can see it here http://www.crazypellas.net/most-thanked-users/ - again it takes a while to load, because it has to query the database.

3. You can now upload and download directly from/to the site.
This feature has been long awaited and has now been added for 2 forums: Direct Acapella Downloads - http://www.crazypellas.net/direct-ac...downloads-154/ and Direct Instrumental Downloads - http://www.crazypellas.net/direct-in...downloads-155/
It may be added for the Samples forum as well in the near future, so keep an eye out for that.

You can find more details here: http://www.crazypellas.net/news-and-...is-site-22885/

4. A "CrazyPellas.net MP3 Player"
This quite simply is an MP3 Player for members to submit their music to for other members to listen to.
You can listen to the player by clicking "MP3 Player" in the navigation bar.

You can submit your tracks here: http://www.crazypellas.net/crazypell...layer-new-156/

Read more details here: http://www.crazypellas.net/news-and-...stalled-23447/

We are currently planning on introducing a Store where you can sell your music. For this to be done you would need to trust me completely.
For full details of this, and to vote see here http://www.crazypellas.net/news-and-...r-music-25182/

As most of you should already know, we had added a new style, and some new smileys along with that.
You can read about it here: http://www.crazypellas.net/news-and-...w-style-24398/

For the new style we are running a graphics contest, you can enter it here: http://www.crazypellas.net/graphic-c...issions-24512/

I have made a new hip hop site, which will have news/tips/interviews e.t.c in the near future, this is still in development,
however you can view it here: Hip Hop: State of Mind

If you are interested in Writing for the site please email me at DJCP.CrazyPellas[AT]gmail.com. You can suggest categories that you would like to write for as-well.

The total donations received so far is $793.85 (including what I've put in myself), we have spent $440.65 on the server costs. There is $371.20 remaining, this will cover this month and next months server costs, so we do need more donations. Thanks to everyone who has donated so far.
You can donate here: http://www.crazypellas.net/donate.php - any amount is appreciated.

For everyone who donates, you get:
1. A "Donated" badge
2. No adverts when downloading directly from this site.
3. Offered banner space for a length of time depending on how much you donate.

You can read more here: http://www.crazypellas.net/news-and-.../donate-13463/

Crazy Pellas

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