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Thread: [ Newsletter #10] June Newsletter

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    Default [ Newsletter #10] June Newsletter

    Sent July 1st 2006 (I know it's a day late)

    [ Newsletter #10] June Newsletter

    We've reached our first milestone newsletter LOL.

    And with this milestone a new look for the newsletter .

    Umm... there has been a few thing's going on this month, but not quite as busy as the last month, in term's of updates.

    In-fact I think there has only really been one update/addition this month, that was the upgrade of vBSEO last night and a few days before that.

    Here is a few things that have changed with the vBSEO upgrade:


    Trackback has been added beside the Thread Tools menu, it is sort of hard to describe but it's a thing mainly found on blogs/in blogging software.

    You can read about it in the vB FAQs on this page Ping/Trackback. It is too much info to put in here .

    Another new feature of vBSEO is pulling the title of the website from the URL posted, what this means is if you post a URL to, on the post it would be displayed as Yahoo! Search - Web Search. Nice eh?

    That is really the only new features that you notice, the other's is admin features/settings that you don't need to know about ;).

    Right onto more site related stuff....

    As some of you may/should have noticed there is a beat contest going on at the moment, the voting had ended yesterday but had to be re-opened because there was a tie, if you would like to vote, you can listen to the beats and vote here: The Grande Finale. You won't have long to vote, as voting ends tomorrow, so go and vote ;).

    We are also in the process of making a Crazy Pellas mixtape, today is the final day to get your submissions in, this would be great for some exposure . You can submit your entries here: CP Mixtape or view some info here: Crazy Pellas Mixtape. So get your entries submitted, if you want to be on the tape .

    Congratulations to our Remix Contest winner: Edot.

    As you know we have been looking for donations, to get a new server, currently we have recieved $180.74 . Thank you to everyone who has donated so far .

    This month I think we are going to have a graphics contest, so keep your eye out for that, if you are a graphics person .

    That's all for last month... didn't have time to send this last night... so I'll keep mixtape submissions open till I get on tomorrow .


    Crazy Pellas

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    Default Re: [ Newsletter #10] June Newsletter

    good one


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