Sent: August 31st 2005


This is our first of many newsletters,
the newsletters will contain updates about the site,
such as competitions and other things going on.

The newsletter will only be sent every month.

So onto this month newsletter....

Well it's titled "What Do You Want?" because
i want you (the most important people on the site,
without you there would be no site), to tell me what
you want to see done to/on the site to improve it e.g more sections, more
more competitions, prizes for winning competitions ... e.t.c
or anything else you want, and i will try my best to
do/get what you want.

Also i am looking to build a network of sites and want
to know what type of sites you want, it doesn't matter what its about.

If you would like to include something in next months
newsletter, let me know, and i will decide if its acceptable.

You can reply to this email with your ideas, i will respond to all ideas,

if you dont get a response you can email or

No Spam Please