only reason posting this is coz I've already sent the newsletter without actually including anything about the freebie site! so not sending it again...

here's the content of it without freebie site info...

First off hope the start of 2009 has been great for you, and continues to be for the rest of the year!
It has been great for me so far (all 15 days of it!), and I have managed to get a lot done. 2009 will be awesome!

Now on to some news...
There is only 1 interview for January's ezine, and that is with RePeat, previously known as deletedbeatz.
You can check it out here:
Interview with RePeat (a.k.a. deletedbeatz)

It's a great interview, and you get to know a little bit more about him.

If you want interviewed for the eZine, you need to post in our Talent forums - Talent - and be picked as "of the Month", each section has a different of the month.

Hopefully we will have more interviews for next month!!
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Also, some of you probably noticed the site was down for a couple of days, this was due to a software fault on the server, and has been fixed now!

In other stuff we have a contest going on for those of you subscribed to this newsletter:


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Ok so about the freebie site, all I was gonna do was give a basic summary and point to the thread in news and updates, so just go to this link since ur already on the site

Sorry for the misleading title in the newsletter, I'll make sure I include anything I have in the subject, in the body in future!